Monday, December 17, 2018

Holiday Hype

Jacob had his singing debut on Friday at his holiday program. Maggie begged to leave school to watch Little Boy in action, and it worked out well because I could take photos while she videoed with my phone. Jacob had been practicing for weeks now, so I was eager to watch him perform with his class. 

The good news is that Jacob stayed on stage the entire time despite seeing me on the front row. He also was absolutely adorable with his little waves and smiles. The bad news is that he did not sing one word and proceeded to pick his nose in front of the audience. :)

We attempted a Pinterest craft with complete success on Friday night: Three Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments. All three kids could equally participate, and our house smelled amazing with all the cinnamon. We will definitely make this project annually now. I would love an entire tree covered in them!

Sadly Tuttle caught whatever stomach bug Jacob had earlier in the week, and the boys and I stayed home from Piper's 2nd birthday on Saturday. We literally vegged out in front of the t.v. all day. Maggie and Daddy loved celebrating our little Pip Squeak!

Sunday we were back to real life and went to church early for Tuttle and Maggie's nativity practice for Christmas Eve. 

We celebrated our first family Christmas on Sunday evening at Gram and Grump's house with all the children. 

We enjoyed a catered dinner and watching all the little kids open gifts. Tuttle, Maggie, and Jacob all went home with big surprises! Tuttle received a ship in a bottle Lego kit, Maggie unwrapped a new American Girl doll, and Jacob was elated to open a construction set. They each went home with new books, too! Luckily this is only the beginning of the family time with Gram and Grumps for the holidays. Thank you for such a fun start!

I started to feel sick last night, so I headed to bed early. I do not have time to be sick, so after a lazy morning with Jacob in school, I bounced back. We have too many fun activities to prepare for this week before the final day of school on Friday.

We are trying to soak up all the holiday memories this year. The kids are at the perfect ages to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child. I could not be happier with my little life.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Santa Prep Visit

December is flying by with all the holiday events. I cannot believe Christmas is a week and a half away! We made it to church Sunday, but only Jacob would tolerate a picture in the cold... Jay and I are really enjoying our new Sunday school class. Several of our neighborhood friends have been members for years, and we finally made the commitment this year since Tuttle started the 3rd grade Bible classes.

Sadly on Tuesday night Jacob was hit with a stomach bug. I kept him home from school, but luckily he was back to his normal wild self after a few extra snuggles and movies in bed. 

To avoid the cold December weather, we visited Santa at the mall today to prepare for our big visit with Tuttle and Maggie next week. Jacob has always been a fan of Santa, and he was eager to sit with him again this year. 

One amazing thing about all my children is their commitment to their Christmas list. They never switch up their wishes last minute, and all three are easily persuaded into ideas that I come up with. This includes Jacob's list of a bike and Legos. Little Boy, I think Santa can make that happen. :)

This cold weather has hit much earlier than I can handle. I called Jay yesterday, and I told him I might not survive this winter. He calmly told me that it was 51 degrees and was not THAT cold. I need my Georgia shorts weather back now.

Jacob is practicing for his musical debut tomorrow with his Owl Class. He is ready for his chance in the spotlight!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Botanical Lights and a Date Night

We kept up one of my favorite traditions and visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden Lights, Holiday Nights with a pre-dinner at Mellow Mushroom last night. The weather was threatening rain, but it held off for another fun year. Jay wrapped up work early, so we can leave by 4pm, and we beat the crowds!

Everyone was completely mesmerized by the amazing lights this year, and the visit flew by. 

Everyone's favorite part proved to be the synchronized lights to music on the bridge. We sat on a bench and watched the entire rotation of music before finishing the light tour. Jay and I also made sure to grab an extra smooch under the mistletoe. :)

I could not help but take a picture of Maggie when we arrived home. She all of a sudden looks like a teenager!

Today we have soaked up a lazy, cold, and rainy day at home before Daddy and Maggie went out on the town for a date night. I bought them tickets last week to attend the Madeline's Christmas play, and Jay planned to spoil her with dinner at Ponce City Market afterwards.

I have loved every second of addressing Christmas cards, wrapping presents, and watching Christmas movies today. Tuttle invited some buddies over to watch Home Alone which is the highlight of his day. The boys are occupied, and I am catching up on life. It's a win for all!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Maggie's Holiday Program

Maggie started us off with her holiday program on Tuesday, but unfortunately it did not go as well as we had hoped.

On Monday night Jay and Maggie were playing on her swinging bar in the mudroom, and she made a complete face plant into the hardwood floor. Her front tooth went through her lip and out her chin. Amazingly it was a clean slice and the bleeding stopped fairly quickly. We made the decision to reassess it in the morning after she slept with us. She guaranteed there was no pain on Tuesday, so she went to school. I asked the nurse to check on her, and they called with a great report. She dodged a bullet on keeping all her teeth and not needing stitches. 

She was all smiles heading into the holiday program at the high school.

After checking her in the trouble started. Jay was held up with the work emergency and did not make the show. Jacob was not interested in sitting in his chair. I was hopeful that the performance would keep his attention, but I was wrong.  The final straw was when he attempted to climb onto the stage during Maggie's songs, so I had to carry a terrible tantrum toddler out of the auditorium and miss my sweet girl's showcase. I was so angry and tearful. 

Tuttle and I agreed not to mention my absence to Maggie, and we both raved about how wonderful she was singing with her class. Tuttle assured me that she really did do a great job. 

Jacob was immediately put to bed when we arrived home, but I let Maggie stay up a little later to help finish assembling the Christmas cards. 

I am thankful for happy and resilient babies, busted lip and all.

Monday, December 3, 2018


We were all ready to wave the Bulldawgs to victory at the SEC Championship game on Saturday.

We hosted a viewing party with our best friends. I setup a nacho bar which proved to be successful for both the adults and the kids. The guys stayed glued to the television while the kids spread out all over the house. It was so clear how absolutely different boys and girls are during this party. The girls quietly played dolls in Maggie's room for hours while the boys battled with Nerf guns outside, inside, and every space in between.

While our team did not pull out a win, we were so proud to cheer for our Dawgs during such an exciting game! 

Sunday we made it to church after several weeks of missing, and the kids wore the sweetest holiday attire to start December.

We are putting the final touches on our Christmas decor and gearing up for the month filled with fun traditions!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Tuttle Gets a Job

Tuttle has been brainstorming ways to bring in some extra cash for a while now. From a lemonade stand to selling homemade comic books at school, he is always discussing his next venue. Recently he has wanted to make flyers and rake yards. I told him if he proved that he could do it first in our yard that we could move forward with the business. He immediately got to work.

Jay helped him create a flyer to pass out on our street and one street over.

He got hired for his first job pretty quickly. I mean who actually wants to rake their own leaves? He could not wait to head to work after school. He worked hard until dark.

Last night Jay received a text offering $50 for the front and back yard. That job is scheduled to start Monday.

Today he headed back to finish the job and recruited a friend from school to help. His business is already expanding! :) When I checked on him later, a car had stopped to get his information for another yard. At this point Tuttle should probably just drop out of school and focus on growing the business....

Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving did not disappoint this year. We have added more special memories for our family. Grandmommy hosted a delicious meal at her home, as usual, and it was a beautiful day to celebrate all we are thankful for. 

I went a little picture crazy with the perfect fall weather, gorgeous setting, and so many of my favorite people in one place. 

I attempted Grandmommy's sweet potato casserole recipe, and it was a total success. I was nervous to pull off a traditional must have on my first attempt. It might be in competition with my family's marshmallow topped sweet potato casserole. :)

Our first Thanksgiving celebration left us too full but ready to continue the holiday with my family on Saturday. (Please note this is the first time Jacob is wearing a "big boy" collared shirt.)

I kept the tradition going with very few pictures at my mom's house, but it was a wonderful afternoon full of football, MANY children, and my favorite Thanksgiving bites. 

Tricia and Chip announced that they would be adding another sweet baby to their already busy family of four, including Stanley and Jordan. Madison's biological brother will be adopted in February, and we cannot wait to meet him!

Maggie sneaked off with Silas and Gwen and told us they were having a private conversation. It was later discovered that they were having a singing competition with Silas as the judge. Gwen performed for us, but Maggie was not ready for a live audience. 

Jay and I are in awe of all we have to be thankful for. We are so blessed to have our families by our sides.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

We are diving right into the Christmas season with the arrival of Bockle. Hopefully he will help keep Jacob in line, but I have my doubts.