Monday, September 24, 2018

Our Favorite Goalie

Tuttle has really taken an interest in playing goalie this season for his soccer team, and he is continuing to improve every week. He listens to all the feedback he receives and implements it in the next game. We are so proud of him for his commitment and excited that he has found his spot on the field. 

Our Sundays have made a jump from lazy to FILLED. Yesterday we tackled Sunday School, double header soccer games, and the kids' first Rise Up meeting. Jacob was such a trooper to miss his nap.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Weekends Are Not For Rest

Jay summed it up perfectly when he said that we are officially old and can only handle one activity a day without being completely dead. In other words, we barely survived all the events this past weekend. :)

Friday I was able to sneak away for dinner out with Gram for an early birthday celebration since she will be on a mission trip to Peru on my actual birthday. Gram treated me to a delicious meal at a local favorite, Terra Terroir. I love this spot because while it is located in a strip mall, the patio in the back makes you feel like you are in a different world. It is so pretty and relaxing. Plus the crispy brussel sprouts are worth it by themselves!

Saturday was slam packed with gymnastics and double header soccer games in Cumming in one million degrees. It was a total mom fail since I forgot to bring sunscreen, and the entire family burned to a crisp. Luckily the Baldwin family brought a tent that we squeezed under for relief. This was our first major loss soccer experience. We are hoping the season improves dramatically.

Everyone was ready for bed early. Jay and I might have been ready for bed around 5pm....

Sunday was also full of action. Tuttle participated in the 3rd Grade Bible Presentation at the early service. We attended a meeting afterwards to map out the expectations of the 3rd grade Sunday School class for the year, including memorizing many important lists and verses. 

Tuttle had another soccer game on Sunday, so Jay stayed home with Jacob while he napped, so everyone would be happier. It was another loss, but Tuttle has continued his commitment to playing goalie and made some great saves for his team. It rained a little bit on the boys, but we were more comfortable getting a little wet than frying in the heat.

Our last event of the day was a Popsicle party for a new organization at our school called Rise Up. It is a Christian based group that meets once a month for fun and fellowship. It took a long time for the school to pass Rise Up, and we are thrilled to be a part of such a positive group for our students. I cannot wait for the first meeting this weekend.

The sunroom/playroom is getting some finishing touches, and I am obsessed! I purged A TON of toys, and the kids do not even notice what is missing. After picking up some storage solutions from Ikea yesterday (with my little helper in tow), I think the room will be much more functional for everyone.

There is one more desk to assemble and pictures to hang, but then the room is DONE! Jay has been such a good sport about all the projects I have piled on him. Our next project before hosting Friendsgiving is a small guest bathroom renovation. I may or may not have convinced him to wallpaper for me....

Friday, September 14, 2018

Catching Up

Another week has flown by, but I do feel like our family is finally in a good routine with an almost put together house.

I am down to the final boxes. I pushed myself hard this week to wrap up this renovation and really be able to enjoy all the work. The playroom is the last space to setup, and it will be done this weekend. New desks have been ordered for Tuttle and Maggie, and Jay and I planned a storage solution for the toys. A trip to Ikea is in the plans for early next week. 

Tuttle and Maggie both worked hard over the last few weeks to complete several projects. While Tuttle could not wait for his animal project to be over, Maggie literally hopped out of bed this morning because she was so eager to present her solar system project to her discovery class. 

Jacob is loving his new owl class at preschool. His teacher told me today that his class is so easy and sweet. Jacob is showing a lot of negative toddler traits at home, so I am relieved that he is being such a good boy at school. He always walks right in ready to play.

Tuttle's Academy soccer team won their first game last weekend, and we are gearing up for three games this weekend, including the boys' first away game. Tuttle is interested in playing goalie and did an impressive job at the first game with several tough saves. 

We are trying to get back into a church routine and successfully made it with time to spare last weekend. Tuttle will receive his 3rd grade Bible this week, and we will know more about his responsibilities during this big year after a meeting. I am hopeful that Tuttle's class will require our family to be consistent with our attendance.

We are looking forward to a busy weekend of sports, house to-do lists, and some snuggles.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Jacob's First Day of Preschool

Jacob's turn finally came to start school, and he was 100% ready. We arrived early to snap a few pictures. While he was not on board with my annual pictures in front of the chapel's red door, he was eager to hold the sign once he saw a bigger girl participating.

He confidently walked to class holding hands with his buddy, Brody, and barely looked up when I told him to have a great day. He was already completely focused on the dinosaurs and cars.

It always amazes me how much I can get done in the three hour span while Jacob is at preschool. I may actually get this house unpacked after all.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Teeth and Teachers

Our Maggie Moo has been rocking the 1st grade and has become more mature within just a few weeks at school. To add to her independence, she finally pulled her first tooth that has been wiggling for months. I caught one final picture of our tiny girl with all her baby teeth not knowing that later that evening that her smile would never be the same. (For some reason this milestone has really gotten to me that my babies are growing up too fast!)

Daddy tried his hardest to convince Maggie that he should pull it, but in true Maggie fashion she wanted to do it on her own. We are lucky to have neighbors that helped supply cash to the Tooth Fairy, so she did not have to venture out again to the bank. :)

Jacob's turn to meet his new teachers came this week, too. He is going to attend three mornings a week with the Owl Class, and he was eager to explore his classroom. Before we left, I asked him what he was going to say to his teachers, and he replied, "I'm boss baby." 

At least he put it all out there in the beginning. Sometimes I cannot handle this boy's shenanigans.

There were several familiar faces in his class and an overwhelming amount of toys for our little boy. He did not want to leave despite my promise that we would visit the school playground. 

I do not think one tear will be shed next week at drop-off. He is ready for another year at OPP.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Finish Line

Our wild child has been so patient during the final steps of our renovation, so I signed him up for a few days at our church's drop-in care last week to end his summer vacation with some fun!

I love how thoughtful the little nursery care is with their activities. Each week has a different theme with crafts, outside activities, and music. Jacob always walks right in and does not look back!

I could have been more productive during my mornings alone, but I took advantage of it and treated myself to an hour long foot massage, shopping at Trader Joes, and brunch with Gram.

Jacob and I met up with Val and Briggs for a morning at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The weather last week was absolutely amazing and felt like fall might be right around the corner. Jacob especially loved the sensory play table set up for a special morning activity.

Our painter finally wrapped up last week, and today is the first day in months that a worker has not been in my house. The gigantic dumpster was hauled away, and I emailed this morning to remove the pod from the driveway. Jay and I organized every room with furniture and filled the sunroom with all the boxes. I wanted one location for all the chaos, so I could start unpacking box by box and still feel like the other rooms were clean.

Aside from a punch list of little touch ups, we close to the end of the renovation, and we are THRILLED with the results. I will share all the photos once the rooms are unpacked, and we are more settled. This has been such an adventure but so very worth it.

With Jacob starting preschool next week and the house ready to be unpacked, we can see the finish line.

Friday, August 17, 2018

New Routine, New Rules

We are settling into a new routine with school, sports, homework, and attempting to get all the kids in bed by 8pm. Our house is still in a construction zone, but fingers crossed that it is complete next week. 

This week I hit a breaking point with Jacob's behavior. He has always been very spirited, but I was over him having control over the rest of the family with his bad behavior. Spanking was back firing on me because he would hit back, and he was not in a good state of mind to calmly talk about his negative choices immediately after being reprimanded. I channeled my inner Super Nanny and started a very consistent time out method, and it has already yielded better and calmer results.

I know the key to success is consistency, so I have talked with the kids about how we were all going to focus on helping Jacob improve his behavior, and everyone seems on board. Surprisingly Jacob has not attempted to run away from the time out spot in the corner of the hall. I know kids feels more comfortable in a safe environment with consistent rules and follow through. 

Jacob guarantees that our days are never boring, and I know toddler years are rough. I can relate to my friends so much more with difficult babies. Our little boy has grounded me as a parent.

Unfortunately Tuttle stayed home sick today with a fever and cough. Jay suspects allergies, but since Tuttle never complains that he does not feel good, we wanted to take it seriously. I think everyone is ready to ride into the weekend.