Friday, July 13, 2018

Ten Years.

Jay and I celebrated TEN YEARS of marriage on Wednesday. I cannot believe a decade has already passed since our amazing wedding day in Athens.

We made our anniversary extra special by wearing my wedding dress and a tux to dinner. It was a celebration alone that I fit into that dress after ten years and three kids!

Kevin Rathbun Steak did not disappoint. We were a sight strolling through the restaurant in such fancy attire, but everyone was very complimentary about our decision to recreate our wedding day. Champagne arrived at our table immediately and all the food was delicious. Unfortunately my dress prevented me from eating too much! :)

Jay and I have created such a wonderful life in ten years. From our beautiful children to an almost renovated house we are so blessed and are looking forward to many more decades of adventures together.

And a little sneak at my AMAZING floors! Eek!

To keep the festivities going, we are headed to the beach for a week tomorrow. Gram was so generous to gift her annual beach vacation to Jay this summer. We never do a beach vacation as a family because Disney usually exhausts our vacation budget, so this is such a treat! We are hoping Gram and Grumps enjoy a quiet house for a week.

St. Simons Island, here we come!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Happy 4th of July!

We celebrated a perfect July 4th yesterday from start to finish. Our morning began very early with a 5:30am wake up call to get dressed to cheer for Daddy at his 14th Annual Peachtree Road Race. The kids kept themselves busy handing out "free high fives."

Tuttle tolerates my yearly flag picture. I know sooner rather than later he will probably be running the race, but I will still make him stop for this tradition.

Jay had been training in this hot summer sun for the last few weeks to prepare, and he finished with an impressive time. Running comes so naturally to him. Cheering is more natural for me.

Our other favorite July 4th tradition is lunch with the Poole Family after the race. Since the starting time was earlier this year, we opted for breakfast at The Flying Biscuit instead of our normal Taco Mac meal. We were seated in the back room which accommodated our loud bunch. :)

Our afternoon consisted of long naps for Mommy and Jacob and pool time for Daddy and the big kids. It was a win for everyone!

Gram and Grumps treated us to a cookout complete with hotdogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and cupcakes. They better be careful or they may never get rid of us. 

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 1, 2018


We picked up our boy on Friday afternoon from a week at Camp Glisson. He had the BEST time and could not wait to share all his favorite details. He loved Lake Hale, the pool, camping out, and the creek walk. He especially loved the girl counselor, Laura, in his living group. Unfortunately both of his counselors came down with a stomach bug, so Tuttle did not get to say goodbye to them. He was upset, but I suggested he write letters and hopefully they would return next year as counselors.

We celebrated his return with lunch at Dairy Queen, a tradition that started 25 years ago.

After a full day at the pool on Saturday, we joined Gram and Grumps at their church for their Patriotic Sunday Service. Grumps was recognized for his service with the Air Force. Jacob loved clapping for all the veterans, but he did not last through the first prayer before he needed to take his busy britches outside.

There always has to be one. In our case it is usually Jacob.

Gram and Grumps treated us to brunch at a local Marietta spot, Come And Get It.

This evening we had an impromptu decision to teach Maggie to ride without training wheels. It literally took about five minutes before she was zooming down the street completely independently. 

We could not be more proud of our Moo Girl. She already has plans to get up early for a morning ride!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

VBS Week

While Tuttle has been away at Camp Glisson, Maggie and Jacob both enjoyed time at our church during Vacation Bible School. Jacob is not old enough to attend the real deal, but he spent three mornings with some new baby friends at the MMO program. 

This meant that I had THREE mornings alone. I spent the time running errands and slipped in a foot massage and a pedicure. It is crazy what you can get done without three little tag-a-longs. :)

Maggie loved every second of VBS and came home each day eager to tell me all about her craft projects, new songs, and favorite counselors. We wrapped up the week with lunch from The Varsity truck.

Tomorrow is the day we get to pick up Tuttle and hear about his adventures at camp. I hope he is already counting down the days to return next summer!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Off To Camp

There has been a lot of excitement and anticipation leading up to Tuttle's first year at Camp Glisson. We prepared for the big adventure all week. 

Finally today arrived to travel to Dahlonega, and we turned it into a fun morning before drop off began at 3pm. It is tradition to eat at The Smith House before heading to camp, and we decided to leave early to beat the camp and church crowds. I cannot believe I was the same age as Tuttle 25 years ago heading to my first sleep away week.

The Smith House did not disappoint, and everyone ate their weight in southern deliciousness! Even Jacob sat in his chair through the entire meal asking for seconds (and thirds) of collard greens!

We browsed in the downtown shops and relaxed in a nearby park until it was officially time to check-in. We soon learned that all four of Tuttle's school friends were in his cabin. The moms and I laughed that the poor counselors would not get any time that the kids were a little shy getting to know each other. They were immediately going to have a crazy and loud group of friends! 

After making up Tuttle's bed and unpacking a few things, our brave boy literally pushed us out the door. I cannot stop thinking about all the fun he is going to have all week! I will be checking the mailbox hourly to see if he has sent letters to update us on his activities, new friends, and sweet memories. 

Maggie and Jacob will also be busy this week with camp. Maggie has Vacation Bible School, and Jacob will be attending the MDO program several mornings at the church. I may have looked forward to this particular week all summer since I will have three morning ALONE! :)

Our new floors get installed this week. We are inching one step closer to a new and improved home!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Giddy Up!

Maggie finished her week at horseback riding camp on Friday, and everyone attended her showcase. We were all very impressed with how much she had learned in only one week at camp.

Maggie was able to bring accessories to decorate her horse for the main event, and Peanut was the fanciest horse in the ring.

Maggie completed an obstacle course with Peanut as well as performed a trot for the audience.

Gram's love for horses has definitely rubbed off on Maggie. She even begged Grumps to build her a stable for their backyard- this request was quickly denied. :)

A huge thank you to Gram for researching a horse camp for Maggie and sponsoring it, too! Maggie loved every minute and cannot wait to return next year!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Just The Boys

This week Maggie has been hanging out with Gram while attending horseback riding camp, so the boys and I have been finding some fun to get into each day.

We visited Daddy's new office building for lunch. 

The boys loved exploring the river and spotting all kinds of creatures including a beaver, barn owl, duck, lizard, and tons of insects.

Tuttle was reunited with his best buddy, Ryan, while we visited Fernbank. The Baldwin Family had never been before, and all the kids were so happy to run around the exhibits. Katie and I were actually able to have several full conversations. It was a successful morning for all!

Since Maggie's camp has been over after lunchtime, we have spent some afternoon and evenings with her. The splash pad at the Braves Stadium was a favorite activity after a dinner of pizza and gelato. 

Our biggest bonus to living at Gram and Grump's house for the summer is the open invitation to their neighbor's pool. I do not know who is more thrilled- the kids or Daddy!

We are looking forward to watching Maggie showcase her horseback riding skills tomorrow at a camp performance for families.