Monday, April 16, 2018

Let The Tournament Begin: Tuttle's 8th Birthday Party

We celebrated Tuttle's 8th birthday a week early with a small party at Medieval Times. Tuttle loved it so much after his birthday gift to the event last year that he planned months ago to return with a few of his closest friends. Daddy was running in a crazy 24 hour relay race, and we accidentally double booked, so Aunt Peach stood in for him. (We are celebrating as a family on his actual birthday next Saturday in Athens!)

Tuttle invited his two best guy friends and two best girl friends. I was able to drive them all in my car while Aunt Peach traveled with Maggie.

Despite a lot of traffic, the kids loved chatting in the car. I enjoyed listening to their conversations. They are just the sweetest group of friends.

We arrived just in time for the tournament to begin! The kids were glued to the action the entire two hours. We were placed in the red knight's section to cheer, and our warrior was victorious and won the entire show, including the final battle against the evil intruder! Last year our knight was eliminated right away, so this was a huge bonus!

Part of the excitement of the party was staying up so late. I dropped off the final friend at 10:30. Tuttle said it was his best birthday party ever!

I cannot believe we have an (almost) 8 year old! 
Tuttle is always a champion in our eyes!

We are looking forward to continuing the festivities this week!

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