Tuesday, June 20, 2017

5th Annual St. Simons Beach Trip

The babies and I enjoyed another annual vacation to St. Simons Island with Gram this past week. I cannot believe we have been going for five straight years now. Maggie had just started walking during our first trip and now we had added one last wild baby to the mix!

It was a challenging year with Jacob since he is an energetic toddler who will not stay still for longer than 45 seconds, but that did not stop us from experiencing some amazing memories and highlights this year!

The beach was the perfect spot for everyone. We tried it out on our first full day after a grocery trip. The kids loved digging in the sand, splashing in sandy puddles, and meeting new friends (especially Jacob who approached every group withing walking distance!)

Brogans was a fun spot for dinner. Cornhole was a hit for all the kids, and Tuttle was actually very good! I know he will be back in 12 years with his fraternity brothers celebrating a Georgia win against Florida and winning a cornhole game.

This comparison is only a two year difference. Time really does fly.

Tuesday morning held one of the most loved events during the entire trip. Gram made reservations for the big kids to ride horses at the island stables. When we arrived, the facility was absolutely beautiful. Maggie and Tuttle learned how to groom the horses and then rode two horses around the lake. It was a complete success, and both kids cannot wait to ride again!

One of the highlights of the new condo we stayed in was the pool right beside our rental. Tuttle and Maggie spent hours swimming which allowed Jacob to take a couple good naps during the day.

We tackled a different casual restaurant every night, but some evenings went more smoothly than others. This photo represents Jacob's attitude at the Mexican restaurant. Luckily margaritas made the time a little more tolerable for the adults. :)

We always loved to end our day in Jacob's Happy Place.

Wednesday we returned to the water park at Jekyll Island. Last year everyone had a blast, and it was even more fun this year! While Jacob's favorite areas were the lazy river and wave pool, Tuttle and Maggie spent most of their time on the giant water slides. Gram even went down once with Tuttle. I bribed Tuttle with a dollar to ride the biggest high thrill water slide with me. He did it, but he was not too happy with the little adventure.

We ate dinner at the condo and then went out for our daily dose of ice cream. We tried out four different ice cream shops this year, and the overall winner was Sunset Slush with the Italian ice flavors. The Crybaby flavor was consumed several times by everyone!

 Gram and I were able to sneak off on Thursday for a kid-free lunch while a babysitter took Tuttle, Maggie, and Jacob to the park. We have already declared that we will be hiring a babysitter 2-3 times next year, so we can relax! We grabbed a yummy lunch and browsed around the beach shops. We definitely needed the down time.

Later that afternoon the Corbitt clan came over to swim at our pool. It was just a coincidence that everyone was visiting St. Simons during the same week, and it gave us an excuse to hang out for a while. After a swim we returned to their house while Larry and Gram picked up BBQ for dinner. Unfortunately the night was cut a little short with Jacob needing to head to bed, but we loved spending some beach time with family.

On our last day of vacation Gram took Tuttle and Maggie to a movie while I walked with Jacob to shop at one of my favorite children's shops, Bailey Boys. We happened to be there when it was having its annual sale, so I stocked up and helped some friends shop, as well. 

Jacob shopped until he dropped and allowed us to meet Gram and the big kids for pizza where he slept for half the meal. 

I insisted that we end our amazing vacation with a final trip to the beach. 

And this photo perfectly portrays Jacob's effect on our family. He is pure chaos, but his cuteness helps convince us to keep him around. :)

A HUGE thank you to Gram for another memorable trip to St. Simons Island. I know the babies are creating such special memories every year. We love you so much!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Parents Only Vacation

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling and vacations, and everyone is finally home and recovering from all the fun!

The first adventure was a mini beach vacation for only Jay and me to Hilton Head Island. Grandmommy and Grandaddy kept all three babies for two nights, so we could relax at the beach alone, and it was absolutely amazing!

We drove to Madison to drop off the kids on Tuesday and left early on Wednesday morning. Our first stop was Captain Woody's Seafood Restaurant for oysters and crab legs! It is always a must do when we venture to Hilton Head.

We tried a new spot for lunch on Thursday that was recommended by the valet attendant, and it was such a hit: Skull Creek Boathouse. Apparently we came at the right time because the wait for dinner nightly is 2.5 hours! I enjoyed some delicious sushi by the pier!

 Luckily the cold rain subsided by lunchtime, and the sun came out for us to enjoy! The rest of the vacation was spent poolside.

I had been talking up the hotel's lobster roll for months to Jay, and it did not disappoint at all. Yum!

It has clearly become very obvious that this vacation revolved around sleep and food.

Thursday evening we went to the theater to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean release. We had to keep the beach theme going even at the movies. You really take for granted just deciding last minute to catch a flick when you have kids. We both enjoyed it!

We are officially counting down until our week long trip next summer to celebrate ten years of marriage. I would not want to vacation with anyone else.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Thorne Ladies

Last weekend we attended a baby shower honoring our sweet cousin, Brooke. Her baby boy is going to arrive in August, and we cannot wait to meet him! I snapped some photos of Grandmommy, Aunt Peach, Piper, and Maggie, and I could not resist sharing them. 

We clearly have some beautiful women in our family.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Success: Week 1

* My photos are lacking in this post because my iPhone came to an untimely water death at Six Flags. I bought a new phone yesterday, so all is well again with my obsession with photos. :)

The first week of summer was absolutely jam packed with activities starting with a late birthday celebration for Tuttle at Medieval Times. Gram bought tickets for us, and I lined up a babysitter for Wild Man Jacob. Both Tuttle and Maggie have declared that it was the best night of their lives! Maggie was so proud to be invited to Tuttle's birthday adventure.

Saturday morning we left early to turn in Daddy's Nissan Leaf that we had leased for the past three years. Since the dealership was in Athens, we made a weekend out of the trip and stayed at Granny's house. Typically we only stay in Athens when there is a football game or a visit with Grandmommy and Grandaddy, so it was a huge treat to explore our college town with the babies with no real agenda.

I insisted we grab lunch at Cali 'N Titos first, and then we drove by our first date spot, the church and reception house for our wedding, our first house, and explored downtown. 

The next day we took a dip in the local pool and walked around Bear Hollow Zoo. We even had a chance to visit some old friends, Carrie and Jason with their babies. Since it was Memorial Day Weekend, we had time to spend two nights at Granny's house before returning to Atlanta on Monday.

 Tuesday Jay, Tuttle, and I made our annual trip to Six Flags for Tuttle's birthday gift from Grandmommy and Grandaddy. Just like last year the day after Memorial Day is THE DAY to visit. We rode everything with absolutely no waits! Though it rained off and on throughout the day, it could not have been more perfect. Jay rode every big roller coaster, and we even conviced Tuttle to try out The Great American Scream Machine. It was MUCH faster than we remembered! A big thank you to Grandmommy and Grandaddy for keeping Maggie and Jacob, so we could enjoy some time alone with our biggest boy!

Wednesday we kept the momentum going with a visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with our friends, The Baldwin Family. We spent most of our time in the Children's Garden with the splash pad, building area, and playground. After we parted ways, the kids and I explored the greenhouse and found all sorts of creatures- turtles, frogs, and quail. 

Thursday Brook Run Park was our destination to play with Parker and Tripp. Everyone was kept busy splashing in the water until ants attacked Tripp and his mom. Unfortunately both started to have bad reactions, so they went home. This just gives us an excuse to get together again sooner! Tuttle and Maggie are looking forward to more time at the skate park with their scooters.

Our final field trip of the week was at Atlanta Zoo with my friend, Elena and her boys. Most of the animals were active, and the weather was perfection! I had not seen Elena in so long, and it was very nice to catch up! Tuttle braved the new ropes course and zip line for the grand finale of our trip!

It seems like we covered all the fun summer activities in one week, but we are just gearing up! :)

Monday, May 29, 2017

We Survived The Last Week of School!

Everyone is thrilled that school is officially out for the summer especially after the exhausting last week of school! Everyday was filled with ceremonies, parties, and goodbyes!

Monday started early with Honors Day for Tuttle. He had worked so hard all year to receive the Flying Eagle Award for all A's. This is not an easy feat when two of your main classes are taught 100% in German, including projects and tests. He also received the Perfect Attendance Award for this semester and the Six Flags Reading Award for reading six hours. While I was beaming with pride for these awards, the biggest surprise came when Tuttle was awarded the Citizenship Award for his class. Typically one boy and one girl are recognized for this honor. We could not be more blessed to have Tuttle in our lives.

Tuttle has loved his teachers this year. Ms. Stokley, his homeroom teacher, holds an extra special place in his heart. He is always writing letters to bring to her at school. He is going to miss her so much next year. 

Tuesday was filled with an ice cream party for Tuttle and a pretend birthday party for Maggie. Jacob was such a trooper to attend both events and skip his morning nap.

Since Maggie and Lily's birthdays are in July, their teachers suggested celebrating the last week of school. Maggie would not want to share this special day with anyone else but her bestie!

Maggie is so near turning five years old that she decided that she needs to cross her legs like a grown up in the car! :)

Wednesday was Maggie's last day of preschool, so everyone celebrated with a graduation ceremony and a party in the classroom. Maggie won the award for "Sassy Diva." I do not think they could have picked a more fitting title. She may start out shy, but her true personality quickly comes out and is unforgettable!

Maggie has grown so much this year at OPP. She is 100% ready for kindergarten. Her teachers, Ms. Orla and Ms. Lisa, have been some of my favorites!

I am going to completely ignore the fact that Maggie and Lily will not be together anymore. 

After dropping Tuttle off for his last day of school on Thursday, we started Maggie's summer the right way with doughnuts for breakfast!

We eagerly picked up Tuttle at the end of the day and joined friends at the Frosty Caboose for ice cream! Jacob enjoyed his first ice cream cone!

Tuttle is bound for second grade now, but first let's enjoy a summer packed with FUN!