Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bulldawg Fever

Our Georgia Bulldawg are killing it this season, and everyone seems to have caught the Bulldawg Fever to watch our team win. This past weekend we drove to Athens to cheer on our boys in person. Grandmommy and Grandaddy stayed at Granny's house, as well, so we could leave our wild baby with them and head to Stanford Stadium with the two oldest in tow.

We left a few hours before the 7:30pm kickoff time to explore the tailgates and stop by the bookstore to browse around. Even though Jay teased that we were so old that we would not know anyone at the tailgates, we both ran into several friends from our college days. 

We arrived at our seats early and grabbed dinner before kickoff. That might have been my first time getting to a game prior to the start. I absolutely love going to Georgia games, but typically my favorite part is dressing up in red and black and chatting with friends. This season I have turned a leaf and could not get enough of the action on the field! Tuttle and Maggie lasted until the end of the third as they were falling asleep in our seats, but Jay had to practically drag me away! :) We left with another victory which brings our season to 7 wins. We have our sights set on a SEC Championship Game!

Jacob decided it was time to learn to crawl of out of his pack-n-play while we were in Athens, and the fun did not stop there. He is now crawling out of his crib and opening the door of his bedroom. Little Boy is getting into mischief 24 hours a day. Never a dull moment with our third baby!

Fall arrived overnight in Atlanta this week. It is a little earlier than I was expecting, so these cold mornings are not welcomed by any of the Thorne family members. Halloween costumes were changed to accommodate the colder temperatures, jackets were dug out of the closets, and the fire has made an appearance in the evening. It is fall, y'all!

Just in time for our school fall festival this weekend!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Jacob is 100% back to normal, fall break is over, and activities have resumed. We all needed to get back on schedule!

I love these babies to pieces. My handsome hubby is not too bad, either. :)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Apple Picking 6.0

Since we are finally recovered from Jacob's awful HFM, we were able to meet our best friends at B.J. Reece Apple Orchards yesterday for our annual apple picking adventure. Kristen and I planned this date during fall break months ago, so we could guarantee that it would happen! 

I cannot believe we have been driving to Ellijay for apple picking for SIX YEARS now! Times really does fly! 

I picked up a book on CD to have in the car, and the kids have been very engaged with Matilda, so the drive was easy both ways. We arrived right around 11:30 and headed right into the petting area. Tuttle and Jacob were big fans, but Maggie was ready to head into the orchards (especially after she tried to hold a baby chick and it pecked her!) Jacob would have spent all day with those baby farm animals. He loved the goats because they were just his size.

I think I was trying to bring on fall weather with my wardrobe selection, but a long sleeve shirt, thin vest, and jeans were not the best idea with the 80 degree weather. :) The kids were dressed much more comfortably and were eager to fill their bags with apples (and eat a bunch along the way, too.)

I missed my opportunity to grab food on the way, so the kids lucked out with apple doughnuts, apple pies, and apple cider for lunch. I made sure to purchase several more apple pies to take home. I learned from my mistake the first year when Kristen and I split one pie and regretted it until we returned!

We loved another successful year with our annual tradition! These kids are the apple of my eye!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, HFM, and Halloween Boos!

Last week I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a few special meals. Gram took me to a new breakfast spot, Buttermilk Kitchen, for brunch while Jacob was at preschool. Eating without children at a restaurant is a luxury that I never longer take for granted, and the food was so yummy! 

Daddy met the kids and me at BlueTop for dinner. This Chamblee spot is quickly becoming one of my favorites! It was Tuttle's first time to try it out, and all three babies loved playing cornhole and boccie ball while we watched from our picnic table.

Although I had been counting down the minutes until our double date night with Paul and Val on Friday, Grumps had to call Friday afternoon with news that Jacob was running a fever. Jay quickly drove to pick him up while Gram had Tuttle and Maggie at the fair. Jacob has never been sick, so it was so sad to see our energetic boy laying low on the couch. Unfortunately the sickness escalated into HFM (Hand, Foot, and Mouth) and has covered his body in tiny sores. We are on Day 6 of symptoms, so hopefully our little boy is on the mend.

Tuttle and Maggie were thrilled to discover that our house had been "booed" last night before soccer practice! A basket of Halloween treats was left on our porch and a traditional CHOA sign in the front yard. We cannot wait to spread the love to more friends tonight! Maggie and Tuttle specifically picked out two special friends to deliver our signs and goodies. 

Fall Break starts Thursday, and after over a week of sickness, we all need to decompress! :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Winning Weekend

We filled our weekend with two big wins for our favorite teams! First Tuttle's soccer team played so well with a 10-0 victory. Tuttle even scored and played goalie with one good save. Coach Andy and the rest of the volunteer dads are teaching the boys such valuable skills during practice, and it is so much fun to watch the team work together to use their new knowledge on the field. 

Daddy and Maggie got a head start on Friday before Tuttle's game to visit Grandmommy and Grandaddy, so we followed them right after soccer to Madison. Everyone had the best time soaking up some country living. Daddy immediately brought out the go-cart and zoomed Jacob and Maggie around the yard. Tuttle was eager to drive on his own and spent as much time as possible behind the wheel before it ran out of gas. 

Grandmommy bought a Slip-n-Slide for the kids, and they loved every second splashing in the grass. Maggie and Tuttle ran as fast as they could to dive on the tarp. Jacob spent most of the time jumping in the puddles.

Our evening was spent cheering on the Dawgs with a big win against Mississippi State. It proved to be such an impressive game to watch that even Grandaddy stayed up until the end! It's great to be a Georgia Bulldawg!

We left Madison feeling refreshed to start a new week. Some time away from the hustle and bustle is always good for the soul.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Little Sidekick

Jacob is right by my side most of the week aside from his two mornings at preschool. This sweet, wild, and smiley boy is the perfect caboose to our Thorne train. 

This is Jacob's new "cheese" face when he sees the camera come out! :)

I think Jacob's favorite part of the day is when Tuttle and Maggie climb off the school bus. (They are much more fun to play with than me! Maggie frequently plays "daycare" with Jacob which puts her in charge.)

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hurricane Happenings

This past week Hurricane Irma came through Georgia, and it was a rough storm to handle. Although we did not have any real effects at our house, there were many downed trees and power lines in the neighborhood, so several streets lost power for days. School was cancelled for four days to recover, and everyone was stir crazy by the end!

Tuesday we ventured out to get lunch and had to try six different restaurants until we found one that was open due to power loss! Finally by Wednesday the bad weather moved on, so we grabbed some Starbucks on the way and stopped by a new little park to run around. (The coffee lasted about 10 minutes until Jacob got a hold of it and spilled it all over himself and the sidewalk.)

Jay took Tuttle to work on Thursday while Maggie enjoyed a playdate with a friend from class. Tuttle told Jay at least three times that he was having the best time ever at work! I think he needed a break from the home chaos as much as we did!

As luck would have it, I had already planned two fun outings which helped my sanity during the crazy week. Wednesday evening a group of sweet girls surprised Mary Marshall with a birthday dinner. We tried a new spot, Gypsy Kitchen, and chatted for hours. I was so happy to be included in the night out!

Thursday evening we used a new babysitter and met up with several couples for a date night at BlueTop in Chamblee. Beautiful weather, a glass of wine, and adult conversation was just what we needed!

All parents celebrated when school was announced back on Friday. Tuttle and Maggie wore gold to support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Despite missing soccer practice due to the hurricane, Tuttle's team had their first game of the season today. We wanted to keep the team together from last season, so we had to play up in the U10 division since a few players turned 8 before December. Coach Andy stepped up to lead the team. I was not optimistic that the team would perform as well as they did last season since they were playing much older kids on a larger field with specific field positions, including a goalie. Luckily we have four older boys on the team, as well. New England Revolution dominated the field with a win (7-1). It was so much fun to walk the boys play, and I know Tuttle will learn a lot from Coach Andy and the more experienced players.

Jacob did not hesitate making new friends. Between snacks, his toy cars, and running around the sidelines, he was ready to crash before we made it home!

Maggie was attending a swimming birthday party for a classmate during the game. She has been looking forward to her friends starting to have parties, especially when she can be dropped off! Although she was gone for four hours, she was plotting a way to stay longer when I arrived to pick her up. Clearly she had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday, Cate!