Monday, January 14, 2019

The End Of An Era

We made the long overdue decision to give up bottles on Jacob's birthday. He has used them as a comfort object during naps and bedtime, but despite still being the baby, he needed to move on from baby bottles. 

I have been preparing him for weeks that we would drop off all his bottles to our favorite baby, Grace. I just hope he does not resent her since we play with her family almost every week!

I read an article a while ago that families always celebrate the firsts (first steps, first words, first time riding a bike), but that you do not realize the lasts until they are long gone. I wonder when the last time I read a story to Tuttle at bedtime because he prefers to snuggle up with a chapter book now. I cannot recall the last time I helped Maggie tie her shoes. The moment of fixing my last baby his last bottle was bitter sweet. I was happy to have the memories of his last time, but I am not ready to accept that baby bottles are out of our house forever. (Jacob guaranteed that I would not be hitting Jay up for another baby to start over!)

After Jacob enjoyed his LAST bottle, we drove over to Baby Grace's house for the pass off. Surprising Jacob was thrilled to hand over all the supplies and even show Grace how to assemble the bottle. He soon was fixated on the new toys in the house, and I bribed him with candy to finally leave.

I was nervous about bedtime, but after only a small fit to drive over to Baby Grace's house to get his bottles back, Jacob drifted off to sleep. I am crossing my fingers that naptime goes smoothly today. 

Goodbye, Baby Bottles. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jacob's Three-Esta Celebration

Our little boy turned THREE on Friday. 

He celebrated in class with his birthday twin, Sloane, and counted down the minutes until his "Three-Esta" party at our house on Saturday evening. 

We invited family and a few close friends to play, hit a pinata, munch on tacos and nachos, and enjoy cupcakes. It was the perfect way to acknowledge Jacob turning three. I love a simple party especially when Moe's caters the food!

I did not take as many photos as I wished that I had, but two hours passes by quickly, and chaos ensues with a house full of people! We loved entertaining everyone in our renovated home, and Jacob savored being the center of attention.

Jacob still wants to be referred to as a baby, and I am perfectly fine with his request.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Last Day Being Two

Everyone is right when they say do not blink because babies grow up so fast. I cannot believe we are preparing to celebrate Jacob's THIRD birthday on Saturday! His Three-esta themed party will be at our house with close friends and family, and we are ready to celebrate our little boy!

Everyone was ready to return to a normal schedule this week, and the early mornings are not so bad. Jacob is also tired enough for a good nap since he is waking up hours before he did during the winter break. I am not giving up naps yet, so this is a welcome surprise. 

Maggie hit the pavement this week with her first experience selling Girl Scout cookies. Luckily she owns our street, so her first time out sold almost 50 boxes! Tuttle bought his own cookies with his own money, so he did not have to share. Smart boy.

Tuttle already designed a one-of-a-kind card for his brother's birthday. Although it is hilarious, there is so much truth behind his creation. :)

I am trying to make the minutes creep for the rest of the day, so I can savor my last baby as a two year old. He may be naughty, but he is MY naughty baby, and our world would be boring without him.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Hair

The remainder of the winter break has been filled with rain, rain, and more rain. On Saturday when the sun came out, we were blinded by the light and ready to spend all the time outdoors.

After much convincing and a substantial bribe, Maggie agreed to return to her former bob hairstyle. Jay and I had missed it so much, and luckily one of her best friends, Annie, has a bob, so Maggie was excited to be "twins" with her again.

Our zoo is in bed early. Some did not even make it through dinner without falling asleep, and EVERYONE is ready to return to a routine tomorrow. I won't say that the early mornings are going to be easy, though....

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Vacation Coma

Today we finally found the end to our vacation coma. Since Christmas we have slept in until almost 10am every morning, lounged in pajamas, watched way too much television, played many hours of video games, ordered take-out, and let the decorations linger on the dining room table. Honestly I was tired of being tired and sleeping, so Jay and I rallied the troops and ventured outside in between rain showers today.

Tuttle had not showered in more days than we could count, and we insisted that he let go of the record and clean himself.

Although the kids do not go back to school until January 7, we are going to attempt to start living life again. Daddy is looking forward to work, and the kids and I are heading to the zoo tomorrow. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

We spent a lazy morning at home on Christmas Eve. Daddy was able to sneak off to the shooting range and Starbucks while the kids and I slept in, made gingerbread houses left by Bockle, and watched Christmas Vacation again. Maggie is completely obsessed with it as her new favorite Christmas movie. She is definitely my child.

Tuttle and Maggie participated in the Christmas pageant at church this year. Maggie was much more eager for her role as an angel than she was two years ago when she wore the sheep costume. Tuttle played the part of a shepherd again. We arrived early to get good seats and have time for pictures. Since Jacob skipped his nap, he fell asleep just moments before we arrived in the parking lot mid snack bite. He was able to grab a quick snooze on Daddy before heading to the nursery for the service.

We all agreed on dinner being delivered instead of cooking. Daddy never turns down the opportunity to order Indian. After opening one gift, listening to Daddy read some classic poetry, and setting out milk and cookies, the kids were eager to get to bed. They did not want to risk missing Santa's visit!

I am not sure how all three ended up on the nice list, but Santa was pretty good to all the Thorne children this year.....

While we were sad to end the tradition of heading to Granny's house on Christmas morning, we did love the extra time in pajamas watching the babies play with all their toys. We investigated all the loot for about four hours before finally showering and loading up the car to head to Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house.

The laziness continued in Madison since I only took one picture. Everyone was spoiled like usual with the highlights being Maggie's iPad, Jacob's big trash truck, and Tuttle's Nintendo Switch games and accessories. We told Tuttle it was a good thing that Santa brought the gaming system or Grandmommy and Grandaddy's gift would have been pretty disappointing! :) Jay and I did not come up empty handed either. I am so excited for my new Lululemon, Spanx, and Rothy's presents, and Jay was able to add to his gun collection, including new accessories. The big surprise was gifting Grandmommy a day trip to NYC in March with a Broadway show. Aunt Peach and Daddy were also able to benefit from this present! So fun!

Jacob, Maggie, and I headed back to Atlanta a little early because everyone is battling a cold, but Jay and Tuttle stayed to enjoy some time at the outdoor range. Even though I am under the weather, my desire for organization won, and I took down the tree and other Christmas decorations. Tomorrow will be spent finding spots for all the new toys! 

What a MERRY Christmas this year! It tops our Decembers as the most magical to date.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Nutcracker and Corbitt Christmas

We scheduled the annual Nutcracker performance at the Fox later this year since everyone has crazy December schedules, and everyone loved how much more festive it felt so close to Christmas.

The Nutcracker debuted as a new version this year, and although I had heard several negative reviews, we absolutely loved the changes. We were in awe of the set, and as a bonus, Maggie's preschool friend was a sweet chick on stage.

We dined at the Livingston again across the street at the Georgian Terrace Hotel. The decor is always breathtaking, and I cannot help taking as many pictures as possible of my family in their best holiday attire. I always order the scallops and literally inhale the plate. :)

A huge thank you to Grandmommy and Grandaddy for another year of Nutcracker memories. Maybe we will consider inviting Jacob next year. But probably not. (Gram to the rescue to keep our wild boy!)

Our Christmas fun didn't stop, and we celebrated with the Corbitt clan yesterday at Larry and Beth's house. The house was full of family, food, and thoughtful gifts. Maggie especially loves any time she can spend with Gwen.

This was a big year for the Corbitts with an engagement (Anne and Matt!), an upcoming new baby (Chip and Tricia!), retirements, house renovations, and Grandma inching closer to 100!

We are soaking up our last lazy morning before Christmas Day. We cannot believe how quickly December has flown by with all the holiday events and fun!