Sunday, March 18, 2018

Checked All The Boxes

This past week was full of conferences, sports, quotes for our upcoming renovation, an ENT appointment, and setting up a hospitality room for Career Day at school. The entire week was a whirlwind, but luckily everything was completed on time!

We met with a new ENT doctor to check on Jacob's persistent ear infections. His hearing was analyzed, and it did not seem to be affected much by the infections, but he is scheduled for ear tube surgery the Friday before we leave for Disney. Luckily it is such a routine surgery, so he will be back to normal as soon as the anesthesia wears off. In true Jacob fashion, he will be the first of my three children to tackle tubes. His medical record has kept me on my toes since Tuttle and Maggie never had HFM, thrush, the flu as a baby, or ear tubes. 

Tuttle and Maggie both conducted student-led conferences after school. They shared work they were proud of, showed me unique ways they use technology in the classroom, and discussed strengths and weaknesses. I was very impressed that they could reflect on themselves as students and clearly discuss it with me.

The highlight of Maggie's week was creating a leprechaun trap to bring to school. The students set up the traps before leaving for specials and returned to a huge mess that a mischievous leprechaun left behind- glitter thrown all around, upside down chairs, pieces of red beard dropped, and unsuccessful traps set off with bait strewn around. I absolutely love the memories that the teachers make for my children. I know this will be one they will never forget!

As the entire family was walking out the door on Saturday for Tuttle's soccer game, it started raining heavily and a text was sent to cancel the game. We decided to grab lunch at Lucky's Burgers since we were already set to go out. The rain was short lived, and after naps, we spent several hours outside enjoying the warm spring weather. A family walk wrapped up our evening, but sadly it included a major scooter fall for Tuttle when he lost control down a big hill. A sweet neighbor stopped to check on him until we caught up.

Today I took the kids to church while Daddy got some work done at Starbucks. I thought Jacob look adorable, but Daddy teased me about the fabric ruffle on his collar. I explained that it is a boy ruffle, and he responded that I cannot just put "boy" in front of everything to make it acceptable. :)

Maggie and I were able to sneak off to Gram's house for a wedding shower today. I love spending time with my mom's BEST friends. Maggie spent most of the time playing Barbies in the basement with another daughter attending the shower. They were such sweet little girls together.

My mom has just finished a bathroom renovation at her home, and they looked beautiful. We are getting closer to starting our own renovation, and while I am nervous about the whole process, I cannot wait to see the end results!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

School, Soccer, and Splits

Maggie was so proud to finish the first project for her gifted class at school. She and Tuttle were accepted into the program a few weeks ago, and they both are loving all the challenges.

It is almost comical now, but school was cancelled two hours after it started on Wednesday due to a water main break in the district. Jacob had a doctor's appointment to recheck his ears, so I hauled all three to the office.

We have battled Jacob's ear infection since November with four rounds of different antibiotics, and they are still not clear. We are headed to to ENT on Tuesday for our next step. We are thinking tubes are in our future. I decided Waffle House was necessary after that news. :)

Run Club started for Tuttle this week as well as soccer. Most of team came back together for the spring season, and Tuttle's karate buddy joined the team, too. 

The newest Baldwin, Grace, made her appearance at the game. Maggie could not get enough of the newborn snuggles!

Immediately after the game we loaded up the car to drive to Athens for a Gym Dawgs meet. It was the last home meet of the season. The college makes the experience so much fun with prizes thrown into the crowd, cheerleaders, and the band all making an appearance. Jacob lasted about half the time and then had to spend the rest of the meet running around the lobby area. Daddy and I took turns chasing him. It was no surprise when the Dawgs took home a WIN!

Today has been filled with a lot of lazy time. The rain insisted that we stay home in our pajamas all day. :)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Dr. Seuss Week

The kids celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday with Read Across America Week at school and daily spirit days inspired by favorite Seuss books. 

Monday's theme was Fox In Socks with crazy sock day.

Tuesday was Green Eggs and Ham, and the students wore green clothes.

Oh, The Places You Will Go was read on Wednesday, and the students wore clothes to represent their favorite college. I was just excited to go get doughnuts after school. :)

I missed a photo on Thursday because the kids received mustaches at school to read The Lorax.

Friday's book was Cat and the Hat, and Tuttle and Maggie wore stripes!

I dealt with my own animated story at home while Jacob committed to the terrible 2's with a lot of tantrums. I am in uncharted territory here because Tuttle and Maggie never threw fits.

Jacob knows how to balance it. Right when I think I am going to give up, he just shows his extra sweet and adorable side.

I somehow managed to finish submitting my items for the local consignment sale, and it has been my most profitable season yet. It ends on Saturday, but I am already so happy that I participated!

We were also able to support our sweet friend, Caroline, with her fight with brain cancer at Ihop's National Pancake Day fundraiser. Free pancakes and the chance to help children like Caroline was a win/win for us!

We are geared up for another week, and the kids are adding more sports to the mix: Run Club and soccer. Say a little prayer for us as we adjust to our new crazier schedule!

We are already a little nutty at the Thorne home. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Athens Girls' Weekend

My much anticipated girls trip to Athens did not disappoint. A group of my mom friends and I took advantage of every minute (Daddy worked from home, so I could leave early Friday morning!), and we ate too much food and stayed out way too late for three days. We may be old ladies compared to the rest of the Athens crowd, but we can still celebrate a weekend away! :)

Friday evening we tried out a new restaurant called Seabear Oyster Bar, and we spent the rest of the weekend talking about how delicious the food was! We split the meal and ordered almost everything on the menu. I could not get enough of the raw oysters and crab and shrimp cakes. Yum!

We ventured downtown after dinner and tried a couple of spots that brought back so many college memories for me. While an 80's style bar occupied a lot from my college nights, it has been replaced with a 90's bar now, and we all danced the night away both nights. 

Our lazy Saturday morning resulted in a late lunch downtown and some shopping before returning to the house to get ready for dinner at Last Resort. It is a requirement to eat there if you come to Athens. We sat outside on the patio and clearly had the best time chatting because it was 3.5 hours before we got up to leave. 

I am so lucky to call these girls my friends. Most of us have been close since our first babies were born over 7 years ago. Although we are all at different schools now and schedules have us all over the place, we always pick up right where we left off. I cannot wait to make more memories soon. Hopefully a beach trip is in our future!

Thursday, February 22, 2018


We have finally experienced some sunshine and warmer temperatures this week, and it was just what we needed after our weeks of sickness. We are soaking up all the weather and praying that it lasts.

I am leaving tomorrow for a girls' weekend away in Athens. While I will miss my babies and Jay, this getaway will be so refreshing! Jay and I have really made it a priority to give each other time alone each week, and we both have noticed a difference in our moods. Every parent deserves time to regroup. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

We loved celebrating Valentine's Day with parties and dances. I look forward to these sweet memories every year.

Jacob's preschool party was a day early since he does not go to school on Wednesday. It was optional to bring in cards to share, but I start planning their valentines weeks in advance, so it was an easy choice for us! 

Jacob had the cutest little party with his friends. I caught the sweetest moment with his favorite girl, too!

I was in charge of the Valentine's Day dances at the elementary school this year. We decorated the gym on Tuesday afternoon, and the lower grades attended their dances on Wednesday. Maggie's class was the first group to arrive while Tuttle's class wrapped up the day.

Maggie asked this handsome boy to be her valentine, and he agreed. She spent most of the time trying to dance with him. He was the only boy interested in dancing with the girls and had a group of eager ladies ready to groove! :)

Jacob was SUCH  a trooper. We had arrived at the school at 10:30am that morning and did not leave until 3pm. He had to skip his nap and was completely exhausted by the end.

While Daddy and I do not make a big deal about Valentine's Day, we do love celebrating with our baby valentines. It is easy to participate in a day where we get to declare our love even more!

I am so very thankful for friends that are willing to step up and help out. I started running a fever on Wednesday night with a terrible cough. Fearing it was the flu, I asked for back-up to run the older grades dance on Thursday. Our parents never let me down, and our final dance was a complete success! Luckily I felt much better by Saturday and now only have a lingering cough.