Friday, April 28, 2017

Pre-K Picnic Perfection

This past Wednesday the Butterfly Class as well as the other Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes enjoyed an end-of-year picnic at Chastain Park. It was the perfect morning to enjoy a beautiful spring day and watch the Maggie play with her friends. 

I could not be happier with Maggie's teachers and sweet classmates this year. She is always eager to go to school and has learned so much this year. (Recently she has brought home little books that she can independently read!) Her favorite part of the day is "Show and Tell"- she is extremely upset if I arrive early, and she has to miss her friends' presentations!

Life would not be the same without Maggie's bestie, Lily!

Jacob cannot wait to start school next year in the Busy Bee Class. He already thinks he is a part of the school since all Maggie's friends are obsessed with our little boy.

The countdown is really on for summer vacation! Only 5 weeks left! 

These butterfly friends will soon be spreading their wings for kindergarten! :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tuttle Turns 7!

Last Friday we celebrated our first baby turning seven years old. I do not see how it is even possible that he is that old, but we embraced it and had a great time recognizing Tuttle on his special day.

I brought Tuttle's class ice cream sandwiches and ate lunch with the birthday boy at school. He requested McDonalds chicken nuggets and fries. I tried to stear him in a more appetizing selection, but I guess he wanted to get something that I never buy him! :)

Tuttle's best buddies, Ryan and Graham, walked over to the park with us after school for a playdate and cupcakes. I hope Tuttle is still spending birthdays with these boys throughout high school. He could not find better friends. 

The rest of the day was spent with Tuttle doing his absolute favorite activity: video games with Daddy!

Tuttle's soccer team, The New England Revolution, secured a win Saturday morning and it set the stage for a winning birthday party later that day. This year Tuttle joined with another classmate, Burns, for a joint birthday party at Stars & Strikes.

We had a great turnout for the bash with 17 kids from class plus some siblings and cousins. The group bowled, played bumper cars and laser tag, and spent some time in the arcade area. The boys agreed on cheeseburgers and fries for dinner.

Luckily Burns loves Legos as much as Tuttle, so they wanted Lego Star Wars cakes. I ordered the cake base from Publix and Lego kits from Amazon to top the treat. Tuttle wanted his cake to represent the Dark Side.

The party was a big success for everyone. While I am sad not to plan cute themed celebrations, hosting a party at a place like Stars & Strikes makes entertainment and cleanup a breeze!

Happy Birthday, Tuttle! We are so proud of the big boy that you have become. You continue to amaze us everyday with your sweet nature, determination to succeed in school and sports, and creativity. We love you so very much and are looking forward to another year with you!

Friday, April 21, 2017


One day they will thank me for all the photos. Even though they are typically completely annoyed with me in the present. :)

I could not love these babies more. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Celebrations

We packed in a lot of Easter fun last week starting with Maggie's egg hunt at preschool. Jacob and I arrived early to help hide the eggs.

Maggie started off a little rough during the hunt with being too shy to pick up any eggs, but her sweet friends quickly came to her aid and helped find some for her. She really has the best little class this year!

I am not ready to accept that Maggie and Lily will not be together next year. Maggie just adores Lily, and they have been friends since only a few months old when I met Kristin at the park with the boys.

And because Easter is not complete without eating candy from the eggs and then having a party with treats, the Butterfly Class enjoyed a yummy spread in the classroom.

These little bunnies were sugared up and ready for more Easter celebrations!

Saturday morning we ventured to our church Easter egg hunt held at a member's home. It was beautiful and so well organized. Luckily all three of our babies hunted in different age groups, so everyone got their moment to shine. 

Jacob caught on very quickly and filled his basket with encouragement from Tuttle.

Maggie ran into a school friend right before the start of her hunt.

I did not snap any photos of Tuttle's turn because he was off and running. I think everyone had a blast!

The Easter Bunny hopped by Saturday night, so the kids were up early to check out their loot. 

I have finally figured out that it takes exactly two hours to get our family of five showered and dressed for church, including breakfast. We arrived at church early to take photos.

After a beautiful service we continued the day with lunch at Gram and Grump's house. It was a huge crowd with almost 30 people. I brought an egg nest dessert to share, but the candy from a little egg hunt in the backyard filled up all the kids for the most part. I pretty much let Maggie and Tuttle eat all the sweets that they want to. How do you really limit the sugar intake on a holiday? :)

Easter 2017 was full of precious memories. He is Risen, Indeed!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Most Magical Place On Earth

We spent spring break last week at our favorite place: Disney World! This year we planned for even more fun by adding two new parks to our trip. This post will be FULL of photos!

After a ten hour drive to Orlando, we arrived at our annual hotel spot for Disney at the Marriot Grande Vista. We absolutely love this resort! This time we reserved two bedrooms and a connecting living area complete with a kitchen and dining space. The extra room was such a luxury especially when I wanted to get dressed extra early without waking anyone up. :)

Our first day we visited Hollywood Studios. We had never been as a family, so everyone was eager to explore. The biggest highlight for Tuttle was the Star Wars attractions. Luckily I was able to score an 8am character breakfast, so we could enter the park early and sign Tuttle up for the Jedi Training Academy for later in the day. 

Our breakfast was at Hollywood & Vine with the Disney Junior characters. I think this was the last year that Tuttle and Maggie would be interested in these shows, so I am glad we were able to fit it in.

Maggie's dream came true when we were able to meet the newest Disney princess, Moana. She watched the movie twice in the days leading up to our trip and already knew all the words to the songs from her friends at school. I suggested that she make Moana a necklace one day when she was designing some treasures with her bead kit. Maggie was so proud to present Moana with a special necklace and bracelet, and the princess could not have been any sweeter reacting to Maggie's gift.

The entire family's favorite ride at Hollywood Studio was the new Toy Story Mania. We even played around with the green army men before our Fast Pass time.

The time finally came for Tuttle to join with the other kids for Jedi training. The whole experience was so much fun! Tuttle was on stage with Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and the Seventh Sister Inquisitor. The force was strong with Tuttle, and he was able to defeat all the dark side characters.

Jacob was such a trooper on this particular park day. Hollywood Studio does not have a ton of rides, so Jacob had to be patient in the stroller while we met characters, watched shows, and enjoyed a Star Wars performance.

We all decided the perfect end to our first exhausting day was a dip in the pool. Everyone was in bed before 8pm!

We slept in the next day and arrived at Epcot around noon. We immediately were able to meet Daisy Duck.

After riding Spaceship Earth, we ventured to Germany for lunch at the Biergarten. This was probably my favorite meal at Disney this year. The food was delicious, and the live entertainment impressed the entire family!

Our longest wait time for any ride was the Frozen ride in Norway. Luckily Jacob slept in the Ergo on my back for about half of our time in line. :)

The absolute best ride in my opinion for the week was Soarin'. We had to do a rider switch pass since Jacob was not tall enough to ride, so Maggie and Tuttle rode twice! I was super jealous because it was amazing. I literally was smiling the entire time!

Our last Fast Pass allowed us quick access to Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. 

Although our goal was to last until the firework at 9pm, the Thorne Family could not make it. We grabbed pizza in Italy for dinner and headed back to the hotel.

Our lazy pool day was Tuesday and also the first day with Grandmommy and Grandaddy in Disney! I took the kids down to the pool right after breakfast, but only an hour later Jacob was ready for a nap. Daddy, Grandmommy, and Grandaddy soaked up sun at the pool with Tuttle and Maggie while I took Jacob to the room. He and I both enjoyed a super long nap before showering for an early dinner at Disney Springs.

Everyone devoured a big meal at the Rainforest Cafe before a little shopping. Daddy and I took turns walking Jacob around the restaurant and exploring all the animals.

It would not be a trip to Disney without our annual visit to the big Lego store. Tuttle picked out a Star Wars Lego set as his souvenir from the trip.

I did not realize until this year how huge Disney Springs actually is. We walked from end to end and collected bags from several stores with goodies to take home.

This sums up how much Jacob wants to cooperate for a family photo! :)

Our final day at Disney was spent at the Magic Kingdom. We arrived bright and early for a full day of rides, dining, and a parade.

We have always done the Magic Kingdom in two days, but we crammed in so much in our one day. Grandmommy and Grandaddy were ready to race all over the park to cover our favorite rides. Surprisingly the wait time for almost everything was under thirty minutes. Jacob grabbed a quick nap on my back during our longest wait time at the Haunted Mansion. Little Boy loves rides, so the Magic Kingdom was his favorite day!

We ate brunch at the Crystal Palace, and it has been my favorite character meal to date. The food was extra yummy, and the characters were quick to visit our table which is essential with a 15 month old that only wants to sit still for the time it takes to cram his mouth with food.

Jacob even received a special visit with Piglet after he finished eating and was checking out the restaurant!

Every day of our trip was filled with magic. I love that our babies are creating such special memories at Disney especially this year with Grandmommy and Grandaddy. 

We had front row seats for the afternoon parade before we ate dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant. Maggie sat in the shade with Grandmommy and Grandaddy, but the boys and I were up close for the action. 

We cannot wait to return soon to Disney! We loved every second of our spring break trip!

(P.S. This was our best shot in front of the castle. It's a little blurry, but isn't every trip to Disney a little blurry with all the activities?)