Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Atlanta Nutcracker and Winter Fun

Although we were worried that Grandmommy and Grandaddy would have trouble driving to Atlanta with the snow, the temperatures were just high enough to melt the ice, and the entire family could be together for our annual Atlanta Nutcracker visit. This was the last year for this particular version of the ballet, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Holland joined the fun this year for her first visit to the Nutcracker. She was so well behaved and really enjoyed all the dances. It will be a few more years before I am brave enough to bring Jacob. :)

We dined that the Livingston inside the Georgian Terrace Hotel afterwards, and everyone was impressed with their meal. I will never turn down someone else cooking, especially at a special restaurant! 

I look forward to this tradition every year. It is an experience that all ages can appreciate, and I know we will continue for years to come.

Unfortunately our elf, Bockle, forgot to travel back to the North Pole on Saturday night. It was the first time he had neglected his responsibilities in five years. I think Tuttle might have accidentally touched him while he was hiding under the tree on Friday, so he wrote a letter to restore Bockle's magic. Monday morning the kids were happy to discover that he felt much better and was ready to return to work.

Zanna is up visiting family to celebrate Alexander's 2nd birthday, so she treated Jacob and me to the Georgia Aquarium with a gift card yesterday. She had never been to the aquarium, and it was the perfect day to go! There was absolutely no crowds, so the boys were really able to check out all the animals and take their time at each exhibit.

Thank you for the treat, Zanna and Alexander. We cannot wait to party with everyone on Saturday to celebrate our special TWO year old buddy!

The Thorne Family is starting to finish shopping, beginning to wrap, and get organized for all the class holiday parties next week. Christmas craziness is in full swing!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friendsgiving, Festivities, and SNOW!

I did not realize how far behind I was on the blog until I started pulling pictures to write today, so this entry will have a lot of catching up because we have been BUSY!

Last week Aunt Peach and Uncle Drew hosted Friendsgiving. It also fell on the same day as the SEC Championship game, so everyone was eager to cheer on the Dawgs while also enjoying some yummy food. They set up a tailgate in the front yard, and we were glued to the television to watch our team dominate the field.

A lot of the usual crew was tied up with gameday plans, but it is always nice to catch up with the Burke and Green families. 

Maggie was obsessed with these silly coasters and requested pictures all day. :)

Sunday Jay took Maggie and Jacob to Diana's annual holiday customer appreciation event while Tuttle and I did a fun photo shoot with one of my sweet friends and her family.

I had to make a quick run to return a shirt at the mall on Wednesday, so I thought it might be a good idea to get Jacob warmed up to the idea of Santa before our real visit next week. We peeked at him near the exit and before I knew it Jacob was waving at him and blowing kisses. I was so surprised! It did not stop there. Once he saw two kids hop out of his lap, he took a running start into the exit and hopped in his lap, completely skipping the line of kids waiting their turns. I am sure Santa definitely has him on the naughty list now! :)

After a week filled with a stressful German project, gymnastics, karate, piano, and a trip to the library, we fit in dinner out and a visit to the Town Brookhaven holiday celebration. The kids were able to talk to Santa, drink hot chocolate, visit real reindeer, and snuggle up for a sleigh ride around the complex.

Maggie jumped out of bed this morning to prepare for her Polar Express Day at school that included wearing pajamas and bringing her favorite stuffed animal. The weather indicated the possibility of snow, but Jay was hestitant to even mention it to the kids. Living in the south usually leads to disappointment when it comes to snow. Boy, were we WRONG! The kids ended up with an early dismissal at noon, and the snow was already pouring out of the sky at that point!

Jacob experienced his first real snow for a few minutes before wanting to climb back into the warm car to wait for Maggie and Tuttle at the bus stop.

Maggie and Tuttle leaped off the bus ready to play in the snow. They lasted much longer than Jacob and me and continued to return to the winter wonderland after some hot chocolate and a movie. Maggie built at least three snowmen, Tuttle attempted to sled, and Jacob was happiest in Mommy's arms. The snow was absolutely beautiful, and Daddy was able to get home from work early with enough time to enjoy it himself.

While we will still get more snow overnight, it should melt pretty quickly tomorrow. It was the perfect snow day.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas Is Here!

We were able to get our tree up a little early this year since Daddy had the week of Thanksgiving off. We ventured to Home Depot to pick up our tree on Monday, but the tree area was not officially open yet. We let a Home Depot employee blindly pick our tree, and Daddy and I both think it may be our best tree yet!

While I strung the lights, the kids decorated gingerbread houses to place on the mantle. I was very impressed with how dedicated they were to making the perfect holiday house.

Maggie could not wait to put on Christmas jammies and make snowflakes to decorate the playroom.

Bockle, our elf, returned on Thanksgiving night, but Jacob is giving him a run for his money as the elf on the shelf. :)

We kept up the tradition last night and visited the light show at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Mellow Mushroom was our first stop, like always!

The entire family loved all the new additions to the Holiday Lights. We agreed that it was the best year to date! The kids enjoyed some hot chocolate (Maggie immediately spilled her first cup the second she tried to drink it. Luckily Jacob did not mind sharing his.), and everyone left happy and exhausted. 

This memorable night really put us in the holiday spirit. We are looking forward to a month packed with Christmas cheer!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving twice and made such sweet memories with our families.

Although Grandmommy was still recovering from surgery a few weeks ago, nothing will stop her from hosting a beautiful Thanksgiving feast. Luckily Daddy was able to take off the entire week and head to Madison early on Tuesday to help prepare for the big event. 

I have said it a million times that I absolutely love taking pictures at Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house. The big front porch and country landscape are just begging for me to take out my camera. Ironically sometimes the subjects are just not interested in the photo session...

The food was delicious, and the company was even better. I could watch my babies and my nieces play all day. :)

Jacob was such a trooper with skipping his nap. It was the first time in his life that he did not get to grab any sleep at all during the day. By 5pm he was falling asleep sitting up on the couch. Daddy and I were not against the extra snuggles!

I grabbed some photos of the Peace family for their Christmas card. I am not sure which photo they are planning to use, but this one is my pick.

Maggie worked as my assistant to get the girls to smile. They were cracking up at her antics behind the camera.

Saturday we continued our Thanksgiving festivities with lunch at Gram and Grump's house. I never pull out my camera as much with my family. I think I get too distracted catching up with everyone. This year the crowd grew, and we had 30 people at the meal! I love all the new additions to our holidays.

It was a Thanksgiving miracle to get all the little cousins looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time. It may never happen again!

Gram decided to get very creative for our Christmas event. All the little children will be putting on a nativity play- complete with costumes! Clearly retirement has inspired the creative side of my mother. :) We cannot wait to see everyone again in a few weeks!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Let's Feast!

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations with feasts at school. Daddy was able to take some vacation time and join us, as well. Unfortunately Jacob's holiday party was at the same time, so we chose Tuttle and Maggie's lunch this year since they will remember it more. :)

Maggie was not a huge fan of her pilgrim attire, but I convinced her to take one photo. 

Tuttle was allowed to come to Maggie's lunch, so we could all eat together. He lucked out with two lunches that day.

I was thrilled that Jacob was feeling better to attend his Thanksgiving feast with the Busy Bee friends. He had been battling a double ear infection this week and not sleeping very well at night. He was back to his normal self on Thursday after a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and some much needed medication.

The kids are elated that they get a full week out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am looking forward to sleeping in!

We have so much to be thankful. Being a mommy to my three babies tops the list.