Friday, August 18, 2017

Back To The Grind

I cannot believe two weeks of school have already flown by! It has taken some adjusting for everyone to get into a routine of early mornings, activities every afternoon, and homework nightly. We even managed to fit in a trip to the Georgia Aquarium and The Varsity for Maggie's birthday (courtesy of Gram and Grumps) and a successful dentist visit for Maggie and Tuttle. We are now officially back to gymnastics and karate twice a week and piano lessons. Tennis and soccer will be added to the mix very soon, as well. Jacob has been able to get a taste of school the last two Thursdays at OPP with 4 hours of free childcare each week for all the fall fundraiser committee volunteers. Much like this post our lives are all over the place right now as we get back to the grind!

Bring on the weekend! And sleeping in!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First Day of School

We fit in a day at church on Sunday before we sailed into another school year. (I cannot begin to explain how obsessed I am with matching Jacob and Maggie.)

Our day started super early on Monday since I had to pick up coffee and doughnuts for the kindergarten event, Coffee and Kleenex. I got everyone showered, including myself, and we left right on time. After picking up the supplies, we arrived at the school to find one empty parking spot. I thought I had hit the jackpot until I was actually pulling into the spot and hit the car parked beside me! I was completely flustered and decided to return to the cars right after I dropped the kids inside to let the owner know. Unfortunately I came back to the owner and a police officer waiting for me. I was so thrown off with all the emotions that morning that I barely apologized to the other parent, but the police officers were super nice and helpful. In no time the accident report was complete and amazingly I did not receive any tickets! The first day of school gods were on my side. :)

Maggie and Tuttle were both ready to start the school year. Maggie literally hopped out of bed. I was always very eager to return to school, too. Tuttle was a little harder to drag into the shower. 

Maggie requested that we drop Tuttle off first, so we headed to the big kid hallway for his 2nd grade classroom. We met a familiar face on the way!

Tuttle settled right into his desk, and I grabbed a quick hug before leaving him with his buddies.

I did not think I would get emotional dropping off Maggie because she is so ready for kindergarten, but I  had to choke back tears as I held her little hand to walk to her classroom. 

I could not wait to hear about their day, and probably the most exciting part of the day was riding the bus home that afternoon. Tuttle did not ride the bus the last two years, but with Jacob napping later in the day, it made sense to make the transition this year. 

Maggie told me the best part of her day was seeing Tuttle on the playground and playing tag with him. They may have fought all summer long, but they really do love each other so much, and Maggie thinks Tuttle hung the moon. I know this year is going to be great for both my babies! 

I told Maggie that I would walk her to school each day the first week, but she announced at dinner that she wanted to do carpool the following morning. Not only that, but I reassured her that Tuttle would walk her to the classroom, but she confidently said that she wanted to go alone. I was not really ready for her to be so independent so quickly! 

Despite the rain, Jacob and I arrived at the bus stop 30 minutes early today. Jacob even wanted to bring his tiny bus to share with Maggie and Tuttle. Maggie absolutely loves their bus drive, Ms. G. She even told me today that she wants to be a bus driver when she grows up. :)

We are so lucky to be part of Ashford Park Elementary. I could not ask for a better school family to watch my babies grow and learn. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bachelorette and Back to School

This past weekend I was able to sneak away to Savannah to celebrate Aunt Peach's upcoming September wedding with a bachelorette party! Jay held down the fort with the three babies at home while I ate too much yummy food, slept in for two mornings, was pampered at the nail salon, and enjoyed the Savannah night life on a rooftop bar. We are now counting down the days until the real party when Uncle Drew officially joins our family! :)

Yesterday Tuttle and Maggie attended Open House at our school to explore their new classrooms and drop off their school supplies. We arrived bright and early to help the PTA with their tables although Jacob was along for the ride, so I was practically zero help. I stood by the front doors and helped guide parents and students to the registration area while also chasing Jacob around the hallways. Everyone was ready for a nap by the end!

Tuttle is now on the older students hallway for 2nd grade. He already knew his new teachers, but it was nice to see his old buddies and organize his supplies. His homeroom teacher is Herr Proschansky, and I think a male teacher will be an exciting change! His English speaking teacher is Ms. Thomas who I already love! It is going to be a GREAT year!

Maggie returned to some familiar faces for kindergarten with Ms. Fleming for homeroom and Frau Miltner for German. Tuttle's experience with both teachers started our love for the German program and the school in general, so we know Maggie is in good hands. 

The summer has flown by much too quickly. School officially starts Monday! 

I hope Maggie and Tuttle are still smiling then!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Maggie Turns 5!

We spent this past weekend celebrating our Baby Moo turning five years old. Maggie has been telling others she was five for months now, but she made it official on Monday!

The festivities began on Friday afternoon with the much anticipated trip to the mall for ear piercing. Although Tuttle and Daddy teased her about how her ears would fall off, she was completely adamant that she wanted earrings. Little did I know that this "quick trip" to the mall for dinner in the food court and ear piercing would turn into a 3.5 hour ordeal. :)

Maggie started off strong walking into the shop, but quickly the nerves got the best of her and tears filled her eyes. I suggested we eat first while she decided if she really wanted to go through with it. After dinner we returned to watch a teenage boy getting his ears pierced that I literally warned that he better not even flinch because Maggie was watching his every move. He was a trooper, and Maggie was ready to take her turn next. As soon as the sales girl opened the piercing kit, Maggie decided that she did not want to do it, so I paid for an unused kit, and we preceded to the car. The rest of the evening was spent returning to the shop, changing her mind, returning to the shop, changing her mind, and finally gaining the courage to get the first ear pieced. The entire mall heard her scream, and she refused to get the other ear done. The sales girl told us that taking the one earring out would hurt as much as getting the other ear pierced, so at last the final resolution was the meet Daddy halfway home for him to return to the mall with Maggie and get the job done. Daddy was successful in making Maggie get the other ear pierced as well as buying up half of the shop as a reward to Maggie. 

Maggie was surprised with her first big American Girl doll, Rebecca, the next morning before her friends arrived for her party at the American Girl Bistro. 

We kept the party sweet and simple this year with brunch with four little friends. It was all girls (except Tuttle), so Daddy and Grandaddy stayed at the house with Jacob while Grandmommy, Aunt Peach, Holland, Piper, and Gram attended the celebration.

I have so many fond memories of playing American Girl at the Shelnutt's house across the street growing up, and I love to see Maggie's excitement with the dolls and accessories. It is half the reason I was excited to have a little girl in the first place! :)

The brunch was extremely yummy and so much food! All the kids selected pancakes, and you could barely tell that they had touched the plates after brunch since they were piled so high! We ended the meal with decorating cupcakes for the girls and their dolls. 

The girls all loved exploring the store afterwards, and I am sure went home with a list a mile long of all the treasures they wanted to buy. Maggie was able to select a wagon from Aunt Peach and a new dress for Rebecca from Lily while we were there. Rebecca also got her ears pierced to match Maggie. Luckily her experience went much more smoothly than the night before!

We met the boys back at our house afterwards for cake and ice cream. Aunt Peach's birthday is next weekend, and she is turning the BIG 40, so it was only appropriate to light 40 candles on her cake, including 10 trick candles!

While Gram bought the family tickets to the Georgia Aquarium for Maggie's birthday, Grandmommy and Grandaddy gave Maggie her new big girl bike. She was clearly very proud of her fancy wheels!

We loved celebrating our Maggie Moo! Happy 5th Birthday!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Blur

Summer loving had me a blast.

Summer loving happened so fast!

(We are officially obsessed with Grease. The CD is on repeat in the car, and Maggie wants to be Sandy for Halloween. More specifically Sandy at the end. Don't we all want to be Sandy at the end?)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Celebrating 18 Months and 9 Years

Our charming, naughty, adorable, exhausting, perfect ending baby, Jacob, has been a part of our family for 18 months now.

Jacob continues to be my most challenging child, but his loving grin always allows him to get away with his antics. He has never met a stranger and will approach any group and win them over within seconds. Jacob is starting to play independently with toys, specially trains and cars, and will stop whatever he is doing to watch a plane, the trash truck, or construction vehicles. He is ALL boy. Jacob also wants to listen to short board books sitting in my lap now. I savor the 45 seconds that he is sitting and snuggling with me. :)

Jacob prefers to be outside (which leaves the house intact), so we go on a lot of walks and trips to the playground. He is drawn to any ball that he can throw or kick. Pushing his toy lawnmower is a common scene in our front yard. 

Little Boy is still a champion sleeper and usually snoozes for 12-14 hours a night. In the last few weeks, I have adjusted his nap schedule down to one longer nap to prepare for preschool in September. He still gets a bottle when he sleeps, but I am going to TRY to wean him from this. With Jacob being my last baby, I think I am having more trouble with that change than he would. 

Jacob completes our family. We laugh that he is God's promise that I will not ask for another. :)

Jay and I celebrated 9 years of marriage on the same day as Jacob's 18 month milestone. Gram treated the entire family to dinner at Marlow's Tavern and ice cream for dessert. I am so lucky to be married to Jay. He has made ALL my dreams come true and amazes me with his commitment to our family's success. Marriage is definitely work, but I could not imagine doing life with anyone else. 

We recently found a fantastic babysitter, so we have been able to go out on a few more dates. (Last weekend we were treated to dinner at Paul and Val's country club!)

We are already planning a BIG 10 year anniversary trip for next year. Eek! I cannot wait!