Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Under Construction (Again)

Jay and I have plunged into another renovation after our huge project two summers ago. I asked my handy husband to renovate our guest bathroom as a birthday present. (There was no possibility of saying no to a birthday request.) While it is a small space, I have requested new tile, new bead board, wallpaper, vanity and toilet upgrades, and a smooth ceiling. I have full confidence in Jay that it will turn out perfectly. :)

Here are some before pictures of the project. It was definitely in need of an overhaul.

Jacob is in "Worker Heaven" watching Daddy demo the bathroom. He always has his toy tool box by his side in case an assistant is needed.

We did discover a small amount of water damage, but it was expected. Luckily Grumps can fix anything, so we have called in his expertise, as well. I know he is thrilled....

There is some urgency to finish this project because all five of us have to share a bathroom during the renovation. I cannot wait to see the final product!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fall Break

The kids have been out of school since Thursday for Fall Break, and it actually feels like FALL! While all of our best friends went on mini-vacations, we knocked out our favorite traditional fall activities closer to home.

Thursday we visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the scarecrows set up throughout the gardens. It is one of our favorite times to go each year! The kids lucked out with being able to vote on the winners this year, and they took this role very seriously as they examined all the options.

Maggie and I agreed that the llama scarecrow was the best!

The weather was so perfect that we extended our visit with a walk through Piedmont Park.

We arrived home to a fun surprise. The kids had been Boo-ed! We are officially ready for Halloween now!

The fall festivities continued on Friday with our annual trip to B.J. Reece Orchards in North Georgia. While our big group of friends could not visit with us this year, we picked up Parker as a bonus child since her parents had to work. She was a great addition to our family!

We started by filling our bags (and wagon) with apples. Jacob could not stop pulling apples from the trees once he got the hang out it.

Our next stop was the petting farm. Tuttle spent most of his time with the puppies. He may be wearing me down on the idea of a new dog for our family..... 

The underground slide was our final apple orchard stop. It is a good thing I took all my photos first because the kids left filthy from the adventure down the slide over and over!

We stood in line for over 30 minutes to purchase all our apple treats, but it was worth it! We left with apple pies, apple doughnuts, apple cider, apple chips, and enough apples to feed the neighborhood! 

Our major Fall Break excitement is over now. The kids only have flu shots and cleaning out closets and dresser drawers for colder weather clothes to look forward to..... Hopefully they can hang on to the fun memories from early in the week to make it through the work. :)

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Office

For once we had a weekend that was not packed with activities, so we finally completed a home project that was very much overdue. 

Jay's office had become a dumping ground since the renovation last summer. It was at the point that we could not walk through the room without stepping over boxes and other random items. I was in the habit of closing the door- out of sight, out of mind. We dedicated the weekend to organizing, hanging pictures, decluttering, and doing a deep clean of the office. I did not take before pictures, but Jay is loving his new space. His favorite part is that all his special ideas and memories have a place now.

Maggie kept busy with a social studies project. She is so self motivated and does not want my opinion or advice on anything. It makes managing school work so much easier when I let go, and she always impresses us!

Tuttle enjoyed a special day with Ms. Jenna visiting a new STEM attraction in Atlanta and a soccer game. Jacob was content with his plastic soldier and skeletons.

The fall weather is actually here to stay now. The boys and I made it to church while Daddy stayed home with Maggie who had a stomach ache. 

Fall Break starts Thursday, and we are looking forward to several of our favorite fall activities.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Birthdays, Boosterthon, Boos, and Balance Beams

Our week can be summed up as BUSY. What is new? :)

I celebrated my 35th birthday on Thursday. To guarantee that he would not be teased for forgetting, Jay set an alarm for midnight to wake me up and wish me a happy birthday. The festivities started with dinner with my mom at The Big Ketch on Thursday evening. We literally ate the entire menu. It ranks as one of my top meals ever. Oysters on the half shell, lobster bisque, a stuffed lobster roll, and Brussel sprouts- YUM!

The much anticipated Fun Run Boosterthon was scheduled for Friday morning. A sweet friend helped drive Jacob to preschool, so I could be on time for Maggie's run. Maggie takes any type of competition very seriously and ran a steady pace until she completed 35 laps. Tuttle's turn was a little while later, and he is more laid back about the experience. While he achieved the maximum number of labs, he took time to run around with sweet Libby, too. The fund raiser brought in $65,000 for the school. A big thank you to Grandmommy, Grandaddy, Gram, and Grumps for sponsoring Tuttle and Maggie in their run!

The kids were ready to assemble their Boo baskets on Saturday to benefit CHOA. We are always eager to start a holiday celebration even if it is the wrong month. Tuttle and Maggie carefully picked some goodies for Halloween at the Dollar Tree, and we sneaked off to their friends' houses to leave our surprise. They now have to be patient for their turn to be Boo-ed. 

Saturday night Gram came over to babysit while we continued to celebrate my birthday. Jay and I had reservations at one of our favorite local spots, Hopstix. Afterward we went to the 57th Fighter for drinks to recognize our friend, Jenn, turning 40! I gave her a hard time that we should have held her party at a retirement home with Bingo. :)

Sunday the boys played soccer at the school since Tuttle had a bye week, and Maggie and I went to her 3rd gym meet. It was a small competition, and Maggie was award 2nd on bars, 3rd tied on vault, 4th on floor, and 4th tied all around. She did not have the best day on beam, but we have decided to keep her anyways. 

Maggie does not have another competition for several weeks, but Tuttle's soccer returns next weekend. Jacob is just along for the ride of the crazy sports schedules!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Falling Into Fall

We enjoyed some cooler temperatures this weekend with the beginning of fall.

Our weekend was full of sports as per usual, but this season Maggie and Tuttle continue to impress us with their development. 

I wish I had pictures of Tuttle, but he runs from the camera. I can report that his team won both soccer games this weekend. Tuttle held strong in the goal. I love that he has found his spot on the field. He does get the opportunity to play offense sometimes, and he enjoys the challenge.

Maggie had her second gymnastics meet on Saturday afternoon. We left the boys at home and picked up Maggie's best friend, Kate, to cheer on our girl.

The judging was harder this weekend, but Maggie still shined on the bars with 2nd place in her age group. She set several personal goals and met them all, including sticking her landing on her bar routine and completing her roundoff back handspring without a spot. Her scores improved on 3/4 events from her first meet. We are so proud of our tiny gymnast.

We celebrated a successful meet with dinner at Moes (Maggie's favorite) and shopping at Target. We do not have to wait long for her next meet next Sunday!

Maggie and I made fall goodies for all the teachers and coaches, and I went a little nuts with fall flavored food at the grocery. I am convinced if we act like it is the fall that the temperatures will follow suit! :)

Monday, September 16, 2019

Go Dawgs!

Daddy and I broke the kids out of school early on Friday to head to Athens for the weekend.

We wanted to get into town before afternoon traffic hit, and we arrived downtown for an early dinner at Little Italy. 

Our Saturday morning started early since kickoff was at noon. It was the perfect overcast day, so we were able to walk around campus a little bit without melting!

The Bulldawgs pulled out a big win against Arkansas State, but I had the real winning view from my seat! :)

We lasted until halftime thanks to ice cream and candy. 

We always love our family day during football season! 

Jay suggested that we go to Cali-n-Titos for lunch (my favorite!), so I could not pack up my things fast enough. I honestly think it is worth driving to Athens just to devour the Cubano Especial.

Once we returned to Granny's house, we sent the kids into the backyard to explore while we melted into the couch for some down time. Everyone headed to bed early, too!

We were in no rush to return home on Sunday, so we grabbed food at Inoko Express (there seems to be a clear food theme this weekend), and Daddy took the big kids downtown to shop while Jacob and I took a nap. It was another memorable weekend in Athens!