Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First Day of School

We fit in a day at church on Sunday before we sailed into another school year. (I cannot begin to explain how obsessed I am with matching Jacob and Maggie.)

Our day started super early on Monday since I had to pick up coffee and doughnuts for the kindergarten event, Coffee and Kleenex. I got everyone showered, including myself, and we left right on time. After picking up the supplies, we arrived at the school to find one empty parking spot. I thought I had hit the jackpot until I was actually pulling into the spot and hit the car parked beside me! I was completely flustered and decided to return to the cars right after I dropped the kids inside to let the owner know. Unfortunately I came back to the owner and a police officer waiting for me. I was so thrown off with all the emotions that morning that I barely apologized to the other parent, but the police officers were super nice and helpful. In no time the accident report was complete and amazingly I did not receive any tickets! The first day of school gods were on my side. :)

Maggie and Tuttle were both ready to start the school year. Maggie literally hopped out of bed. I was always very eager to return to school, too. Tuttle was a little harder to drag into the shower. 

Maggie requested that we drop Tuttle off first, so we headed to the big kid hallway for his 2nd grade classroom. We met a familiar face on the way!

Tuttle settled right into his desk, and I grabbed a quick hug before leaving him with his buddies.

I did not think I would get emotional dropping off Maggie because she is so ready for kindergarten, but I  had to choke back tears as I held her little hand to walk to her classroom. 

I could not wait to hear about their day, and probably the most exciting part of the day was riding the bus home that afternoon. Tuttle did not ride the bus the last two years, but with Jacob napping later in the day, it made sense to make the transition this year. 

Maggie told me the best part of her day was seeing Tuttle on the playground and playing tag with him. They may have fought all summer long, but they really do love each other so much, and Maggie thinks Tuttle hung the moon. I know this year is going to be great for both my babies! 

I told Maggie that I would walk her to school each day the first week, but she announced at dinner that she wanted to do carpool the following morning. Not only that, but I reassured her that Tuttle would walk her to the classroom, but she confidently said that she wanted to go alone. I was not really ready for her to be so independent so quickly! 

Despite the rain, Jacob and I arrived at the bus stop 30 minutes early today. Jacob even wanted to bring his tiny bus to share with Maggie and Tuttle. Maggie absolutely loves their bus drive, Ms. G. She even told me today that she wants to be a bus driver when she grows up. :)

We are so lucky to be part of Ashford Park Elementary. I could not ask for a better school family to watch my babies grow and learn. 

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