Sunday, February 18, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

We loved celebrating Valentine's Day with parties and dances. I look forward to these sweet memories every year.

Jacob's preschool party was a day early since he does not go to school on Wednesday. It was optional to bring in cards to share, but I start planning their valentines weeks in advance, so it was an easy choice for us! 

Jacob had the cutest little party with his friends. I caught the sweetest moment with his favorite girl, too!

I was in charge of the Valentine's Day dances at the elementary school this year. We decorated the gym on Tuesday afternoon, and the lower grades attended their dances on Wednesday. Maggie's class was the first group to arrive while Tuttle's class wrapped up the day.

Maggie asked this handsome boy to be her valentine, and he agreed. She spent most of the time trying to dance with him. He was the only boy interested in dancing with the girls and had a group of eager ladies ready to groove! :)

Jacob was SUCH  a trooper. We had arrived at the school at 10:30am that morning and did not leave until 3pm. He had to skip his nap and was completely exhausted by the end.

While Daddy and I do not make a big deal about Valentine's Day, we do love celebrating with our baby valentines. It is easy to participate in a day where we get to declare our love even more!

I am so very thankful for friends that are willing to step up and help out. I started running a fever on Wednesday night with a terrible cough. Fearing it was the flu, I asked for back-up to run the older grades dance on Thursday. Our parents never let me down, and our final dance was a complete success! Luckily I felt much better by Saturday and now only have a lingering cough. 

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