Monday, April 23, 2018

The Birthday Boy

The celebrations for Tuttle kept on coming this past weekend starting with lunch and treats at school. He requested a McDonalds cheeseburger and fries as well as ice cream sandwiches for his friends. The highlight was hearing the entire lunchroom sing "Happy Birthday" to our sweet boy.

We spent the weekend in Athens to attend the G-Day Game on Saturday. Tuttle became a big Dawg fan last season, so he wanted to spend his birthday checking out next year's team. 

Tuttle and Maggie had the best time exploring Granny's backyard. It is truly is a child's dream come true with a maze of adventure weaving around all the flower beds and hidden nooks ready for pretending. I know it brings back so many memories to Jay to see his children enjoy the same beautiful yard that he grew up with as a child himself. Maggie found a little cat friend that played with them all Saturday morning.

We headed downtown for lunch to a spot called Ted's Most Best. We discovered it last time we visited as a family, and the kids loved the sand play area so much! We relaxed with pizza and drinks for over two hours while Tuttle, Maggie, and Jacob made sand villages, threw the football with new friends, and everyone celebrated Tuttle's birthday with singing and cake pops! The Poole Family joined us for the fun, too!

We were shocked that so many people were already filling into the stadium for the G-Day Game when we arrived! Clearly the Dawgs will have a huge fun support system in the fall. We were placed in the upper deck to cheer for the black team.

We lasted until half time before it was clear that our crew had enough fun and sun for the day, so we headed back to Granny's house to relax. Tuttle and Maggie immediately went outside to continue their adventures. Jacob just could not hang and fell asleep in mid-play. :)

We loved commemorating Tuttle's birthday with a visit to our favorite place! I cannot believe we have an EIGHT year old! 

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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