Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Atlanta Nutcracker and Winter Fun

Although we were worried that Grandmommy and Grandaddy would have trouble driving to Atlanta with the snow, the temperatures were just high enough to melt the ice, and the entire family could be together for our annual Atlanta Nutcracker visit. This was the last year for this particular version of the ballet, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Holland joined the fun this year for her first visit to the Nutcracker. She was so well behaved and really enjoyed all the dances. It will be a few more years before I am brave enough to bring Jacob. :)

We dined that the Livingston inside the Georgian Terrace Hotel afterwards, and everyone was impressed with their meal. I will never turn down someone else cooking, especially at a special restaurant! 

I look forward to this tradition every year. It is an experience that all ages can appreciate, and I know we will continue for years to come.

Unfortunately our elf, Bockle, forgot to travel back to the North Pole on Saturday night. It was the first time he had neglected his responsibilities in five years. I think Tuttle might have accidentally touched him while he was hiding under the tree on Friday, so he wrote a letter to restore Bockle's magic. Monday morning the kids were happy to discover that he felt much better and was ready to return to work.

Zanna is up visiting family to celebrate Alexander's 2nd birthday, so she treated Jacob and me to the Georgia Aquarium with a gift card yesterday. She had never been to the aquarium, and it was the perfect day to go! There was absolutely no crowds, so the boys were really able to check out all the animals and take their time at each exhibit.

Thank you for the treat, Zanna and Alexander. We cannot wait to party with everyone on Saturday to celebrate our special TWO year old buddy!

The Thorne Family is starting to finish shopping, beginning to wrap, and get organized for all the class holiday parties next week. Christmas craziness is in full swing!

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