Sunday, June 24, 2018

Off To Camp

There has been a lot of excitement and anticipation leading up to Tuttle's first year at Camp Glisson. We prepared for the big adventure all week. 

Finally today arrived to travel to Dahlonega, and we turned it into a fun morning before drop off began at 3pm. It is tradition to eat at The Smith House before heading to camp, and we decided to leave early to beat the camp and church crowds. I cannot believe I was the same age as Tuttle 25 years ago heading to my first sleep away week.

The Smith House did not disappoint, and everyone ate their weight in southern deliciousness! Even Jacob sat in his chair through the entire meal asking for seconds (and thirds) of collard greens!

We browsed in the downtown shops and relaxed in a nearby park until it was officially time to check-in. We soon learned that all four of Tuttle's school friends were in his cabin. The moms and I laughed that the poor counselors would not get any time that the kids were a little shy getting to know each other. They were immediately going to have a crazy and loud group of friends! 

After making up Tuttle's bed and unpacking a few things, our brave boy literally pushed us out the door. I cannot stop thinking about all the fun he is going to have all week! I will be checking the mailbox hourly to see if he has sent letters to update us on his activities, new friends, and sweet memories. 

Maggie and Jacob will also be busy this week with camp. Maggie has Vacation Bible School, and Jacob will be attending the MDO program several mornings at the church. I may have looked forward to this particular week all summer since I will have three morning ALONE! :)

Our new floors get installed this week. We are inching one step closer to a new and improved home!

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