Friday, June 8, 2018

Renovation 2018

We have officially gotten knee deep into the renovation which explains my lull in writing blog posts. In all reality, I am the general contractor, so my days have been packed with taking care of babies and organizing all the different projects for the house. Knock on wood that we have been impressed with the quality of work and timeline for all the companies so far which includes completely rewiring the entire house (with beautiful new recessed lighting in all common areas), hiring my sweet friend's MIL to pack up every room, delivery of a giant dumpster and on-site storage unit, receiving a brand new roof, and finalizing cabinets, countertops, tile, grout, and hardware with our kitchen renovation company. I also moved the kids and me into my mom and stepfather's house for the rest of the summer. Daddy is following behind on Sunday after he demos the kitchen, carpet, and tile from the back of the house with Grumps and Uncle CJ.

The kids have been such troopers meeting with potentials companies, driving back and forth to Marietta, and living in a construction zone. Luckily we were able to fit in football camp at Marist for Tuttle, a movie morning with Jacob and Maggie, and a playdate with our favorite Lily. 

Now that we are moved out of the craziness we can focus on summer fun! It is just a waiting game for the next step of the renovation, and flooring is up next. This is the aspect I am MOST excited about the final product. 

I have taken a ton of "before" pictures, but I want to wait for a grand reveal! :)

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