Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It's Potty Time!

Although our little boy was not thrilled at the idea initially, I moved forward with potty training this week.

Tuttle and Daddy went to Madison this past weekend to help Grandmommy, so Jacob and I ventured to Target to pick out new underwear while Maggie was at a birthday party. He was very deliberate in his selection and finally settled on Spiderman. He could not wait to show Maggie, and our amazing big sister was so encouraging!

Saturday evening he did not want to put on a diaper to go to bed. Maggie came out about 20 minutes after bedtime and told me Jacob had taken off the diaper and was trying to put on his underwear. We made a compromise that he could wear his underwear over his diaper. He then insisted on wearing ALL SEVEN PAIRS over his diaper! :)

Jacob loves his underwear and had no shame wearing it to the park. 

Yesterday things seemed to click, and he told me several times that he needed to go. The candy incentive might have been the main motivation, and he quickly learned that he could go just a tiny bit multiple times to get more candy. He is too smart for his own good!

Jacob also visited the dentist for the first time in underwear without an accident. Unfortunately he did have his first public accident at Chick-fil-a later, but I think it made him more aware which was not a bad thing.

This morning he woke up and immediately asked for underwear and wanted to wear it to preschool, as well. I wanted to keep the momentum going even though it was a little premature to sport them to school. I packed an extra change of clothes just in case. I will be amazed if he is still in his original outfit when I grab him at noon!

I cannot believe I am potty training my last baby. He is growing up way too fast!

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