Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bulldawg Fever

Our Georgia Bulldawg are killing it this season, and everyone seems to have caught the Bulldawg Fever to watch our team win. This past weekend we drove to Athens to cheer on our boys in person. Grandmommy and Grandaddy stayed at Granny's house, as well, so we could leave our wild baby with them and head to Stanford Stadium with the two oldest in tow.

We left a few hours before the 7:30pm kickoff time to explore the tailgates and stop by the bookstore to browse around. Even though Jay teased that we were so old that we would not know anyone at the tailgates, we both ran into several friends from our college days. 

We arrived at our seats early and grabbed dinner before kickoff. That might have been my first time getting to a game prior to the start. I absolutely love going to Georgia games, but typically my favorite part is dressing up in red and black and chatting with friends. This season I have turned a leaf and could not get enough of the action on the field! Tuttle and Maggie lasted until the end of the third as they were falling asleep in our seats, but Jay had to practically drag me away! :) We left with another victory which brings our season to 7 wins. We have our sights set on a SEC Championship Game!

Jacob decided it was time to learn to crawl of out of his pack-n-play while we were in Athens, and the fun did not stop there. He is now crawling out of his crib and opening the door of his bedroom. Little Boy is getting into mischief 24 hours a day. Never a dull moment with our third baby!

Fall arrived overnight in Atlanta this week. It is a little earlier than I was expecting, so these cold mornings are not welcomed by any of the Thorne family members. Halloween costumes were changed to accommodate the colder temperatures, jackets were dug out of the closets, and the fire has made an appearance in the evening. It is fall, y'all!

Just in time for our school fall festival this weekend!

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