Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Celebrating Jacob

Jay and I hosted a little party for Jacob to celebrate his 2nd birthday on Saturday. We kept it small and only invited the grandparents, Aunt Peach, Uncle Drew, and the cousins. After such a crazy December, it was so nice to have a low key event.

I could not resist having a theme for the party, so I picked one of Jacob's favorite books, Little Blue Truck. Daddy was a fan of this selection since we have our very own little boy truck parked in the driveway. I loved coming up with cute food labels and using toys to accessorize the table.

The bounce house and roller coaster from Santa kept the kids entertained the entire time. Daddy had originally doubted Santa's decision to deliver a bounce house, but he has been singing a different tune during these freezing days stuck inside.

Jacob absolutely loved when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He seemed to really know it was his special day!

I had to take our little boy outside for pictures with his little blue truck. He was not a fan of my crazy photo shoot in below freezing weather. I tried! :)

Jacob received some wonderful gifts including a new robot, a plush blue truck, and a membership to the zoo and botanical gardens, but Grandmommy absolutely stole the show with her surprise. Jacob opened his very own Nerf guns. He became obsessed with Tuttle's laser tag set at Christmas, and Tuttle did not want to share such an expensive toy with his destructive brother. Grandmommy saved the day with her present. It even makes noise like Tuttle's laser guns!

We loved celebrating Jacob with family. I am still in denial that he is already TWO, but everyday brings more fun (and messes!) to our lives. Happy Birthday, Little Boy!

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