Thursday, January 11, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jacob!

I cannot believe our little boy is already TWO today! He has turned our world upside down and made us laugh more than we thought was possible. He has grounded me as a parent when I though I had everything figured out. :)

You are such a silly boy. Everyone who meets you cannot help but smile when your personality shines through.

You are talking more everyday, but your two favorite things to say are "Daddy" and "Go Dawgs!" I think it is a requirement to be a BIG Georgia Bulldawgs fan in this family. (Your big brother even stayed up until 12:30am for the end of the National Championship this week.)

You love going to school twice a week. I always call it "Little Baby School" because you will always be my baby, and you do not seem to mind that. You might try to act older than you are with two siblings, but you know when to turn on the charm and be a baby. Especially when you get in trouble. Which is A LOT.

Today you celebrated at school with your friends. One sweet buddy shares your same birthday, so she brought the cupcakes while you brought a fancy fruit snack to share with some Pirate's Booty.

We cannot wait to celebrate with our families on Saturday with a Little Blue Truck themed party. Conveniently we have our own little blue truck in the driveway for pictures!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Boy! We love you so much! You are the perfect way to complete our family.

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