Sunday, March 11, 2018

School, Soccer, and Splits

Maggie was so proud to finish the first project for her gifted class at school. She and Tuttle were accepted into the program a few weeks ago, and they both are loving all the challenges.

It is almost comical now, but school was cancelled two hours after it started on Wednesday due to a water main break in the district. Jacob had a doctor's appointment to recheck his ears, so I hauled all three to the office.

We have battled Jacob's ear infection since November with four rounds of different antibiotics, and they are still not clear. We are headed to to ENT on Tuesday for our next step. We are thinking tubes are in our future. I decided Waffle House was necessary after that news. :)

Run Club started for Tuttle this week as well as soccer. Most of team came back together for the spring season, and Tuttle's karate buddy joined the team, too. 

The newest Baldwin, Grace, made her appearance at the game. Maggie could not get enough of the newborn snuggles!

Immediately after the game we loaded up the car to drive to Athens for a Gym Dawgs meet. It was the last home meet of the season. The college makes the experience so much fun with prizes thrown into the crowd, cheerleaders, and the band all making an appearance. Jacob lasted about half the time and then had to spend the rest of the meet running around the lobby area. Daddy and I took turns chasing him. It was no surprise when the Dawgs took home a WIN!

Today has been filled with a lot of lazy time. The rain insisted that we stay home in our pajamas all day. :)

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